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• 12/30/2018

Production pages - production credits

So on production pages, we have the production credits list - important information without a doubt. But it is generally duplicated in the infobox. Really we only need the credits listed once - should it be in the infobox, or in the body of the article?

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• 11/21/2018


So there's the 1998 recording - the live show filmed for video release. It's referred to as the movie, film, or video.

And now we're getting a 2019 Hollywood adaption directed by Tom Hooper, featuring a load of A list celebrities in apparently random roles.

It seems to me, that we need to not refer to both of these as "The Cats Movie" because they're very, very different productions! So, what titles do we use for them? How do we refer to the casts?

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• 7/2/2018

Bombalurina and Demeter are close friends.

So, I've seen a lot of debate on Bombalurina and Demter's relationship, however I checked the official CATS website and there's a section on the cats and it does say that they are, in fact, just friends. Never specifies them being sisters or mates. Quote from the website: "...these two beautiful Jellicle Queens are best friends and are rarely seen apart…".
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• 11/14/2017

Cut Songs/Demos

Anyone know of any Cut Songs or Demos from Cats?
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• 11/6/2017

Going to see Cats this weekend!! YAY

Last saw it in Madison, WI at the Overture Center in 2007, I was Seven (going on eight). Afterwards we got in a car crash. Souvenior Brochere got ruined, but still intact. (I still have it!)
Now, this Saturday, a High School near me in putting on Cats! 10 Years Later, I will finally be able to see it on stage again! So excited.
Anyone else seen Cats recently?
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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

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Have fun!
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• 4/2/2017

Is anybody interested in Little Shop Of Horrors?

Hi! I run the Little Shop of Horrors wiki (we're allies with the Cats Wiki), I'm not trying to convert anybody here, but is anyone interested in helping me out at my wiki? We're understaffed and have lots to do.....
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• 10/18/2016

Capital Letters

I just want to point out the biggest flaw in the Wiki software....
Jeremy Mcpherson
Jeremy McPherson
are two separate pages.  
I mean, I'll merge them in a bit, but first want to give people time to see this post.  Please be VERY sure that there isn't already a page when you're creating a new one... this is mind-bogglingly stupid that the software does this.
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• 10/6/2016

Double character pages

I'm wondering about the consistency of character pages being combined/split with alternate names.  Namely, Tumblebrutus redirects to Bill Bailey, yet Sillabub and Jemima have separate pages, as do Admetus and Plato.
Whilst it does get occasionally complicated (Pouncival/Carbucketty is a mess these days), but Sillabub/Jemima is pretty firmly the one character with the same design, apart from Japan and the occasinal swing.  Same deal with Plato/Admetus.  However Vienna (which is a cannon/replica as they come) had both Bill Baily and Tumblebrutus.
I think that Jemima/Sillabub and Plato/Admetus should be combined for consistency.
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• 10/4/2016

Wiki style bible?

it's occurred to me we don't really have a definitive guide to wiki style on here...i feel like that leaves a lot of open questions - how should articles be written? in which order do headers go? where are sources necessary, if at all? 
i think some definite rules would help a lot in terms of organising information most efficiently and making the wiki as readable, accessible and consistently structured as possible. what does everyone think about drafting some sort of style guide to help with this?
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• 7/13/2016

Question of signed images, and Hamburg cast year.

What year is this cast list from Hamburg?  I cannot find any year identifying it on the insert.  I looks quite early, a lot of the original cast being present.
Second question is about images from programs that are signed. 
I'm slowly scanning some old programs, and my copy of the Original Australian program seems to contain some images that either don't seem to have decent digital versions already floating around.  the problem is, it's a signed program, and a personalised one at that, not a generic fan stage door signing.  Some of them are easy to blank out in gimp, others cover quite a bit of good pictures.  I'm hesitant to upload images of signitures and more personalised messages (there's nothing particularly specific, but still).  Does anybody feel good enough at image editing to nicely edit the writing out of the scanned images?
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• 7/3/2016

Character Galleries

With the new "community page" set-up, th character galleries are being highlighted as pages without links.  A lot of them need further work as well.
So far I've been standardising them with the following headings:

UK Productions (sub-heading for the Video as it's visually a UK production but the most common point of reference for all fans)
US Productions
German Productions
Australian Productions
Other Productions 
My thinking being, while productions such as Vienna were significant, we don't have many photos, and these four headings cover the biggest groups of productions.  I've been trying to arrange the photos chronologically within each heading too, to show the development - this is particularly interesting for the German shows.  Also, "Australian Productions" covers the Asia tours run by - is it Lunchbox Productions? The same production and set, costumes, etc, working out of Australia. 
We can always expand out of the blanket "Other Productions", if, say, there's more than a dozen images from one specific production, perhaps if a lot of Japanese Cats images are added.
What I'd like feedback and consensus on, is a couple of possibilities -
1) a header photo, like the profile image on the character page, that functions as the thumbnail for the page.  It seems to default to the first photo in the first gallery, which at the moment means it'll be an original London Cast image.  While the OLC were amazing their costumes aren't necessarily representative of the overall character's look!
2) Designs, vs illustrations, vs Fan art.  I think Munkustrap's gallery has the designs and illustrations at the top, and I think Jemima's gallery has fan art at the bottom?   There's lovely illustrations from the German and Japanese productions, should they be a separate "non photograpic" gallery, or should they be in with the photos from their respective productions?  
3) Fan art.  We don't have much art on here, there's some lovely work out there.  Should we look to archive more art here?  Or do we want to discourage fan art on the character pages, keep it to personal blogs?  It seems like something we should have a policy on.
4) Links.  The Wiki software doesn't like pages not having links...  so far I've been linking in actors in captions where known.  But would it be better to link the productions? Maybe in a list, for example:

German Productions
Hamburg 1986
Stuttgart 2001
Berlin 2002
Düsseldorf 2004
German Tour 2005
German Tent Tour 2010-2013
But would that be a bit much of a block of somewhat irrelevant text at the top of each gallery? What would be most user friendly, a list like this, or links in the captions of each photo? This kind of list would be much more editor-friendly, copy and paste each time!
(OK, let's see if the forum is any more stable now than it was a few months ago... see if it'll reliably show posts and replies!)
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• 5/26/2016

Coricopat and Tantomile

So, we have an anonymous editor who's absolutely sure Cori and Tant are mates, not twins.  I know there's so little canon in Cats, especially when it comes to relationships, but I thought this was one of the few definites - the two identical, perfectly in sync, mystic twins are actually twins?  
I suppose it does depend on production... the Japanese production obviously plays it differently, with Cassandra and Tumblebrutus not always identical, although they're the tracks that typically take the "twins" roles.
Basically, I'm opening for discussion/information, do we have sources for the Twins being twins?  Is there enough canon to say that no, the twins are indeed twins not mates?
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• 3/13/2016

Current Projects and Where we've got to

Ok, so I've had a hectic month of cosplay, conventions, and a fabulous vacation that's taken me WAY away from where we'd been getting to here!
So, check in!  What were we working on?  Cast lists - where are we?  Photos - I've been checking in on the uncategorised photos, issues with re-naming files and editing the pages they're on, all boring admin stuff.  But where are we with actual projects?  Was I meant to be scanning in new material?  Were we researching particular things?
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• 2/14/2016

Is this not a picture of Bombalurina and Victoria not Sillabub and Victoria?

This is tagged/named as Sillabub... But another version of the same picture I've found, here on the right, is labelled as Donna King  being Bombalurina. Is the label wrong, or was the picture misidentified?
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• 2/12/2016

Cast Biographies?

I've got a moderate collection of programes and playbills - I've been in the habit of typing up the cast lists I have hard copies of first, then sourcing the other lists online.  The idea is to minimise typos - well - there's only my errors in there, not me compounding errors from someone else's errors typing...
The point being - I can, if people think it sufficiently interesting - scan in and upload biographies and in some cases, headshots as well. The question is, is it worth an evening per programme to generate this information?  Are there specific casts, and specific performers who are worth looking out?
Copy-typing all the biographies, however, is so not happening.  I'll scan and upload images of the text, but I'm not copy-typing it all!  I'm terrible and really slow at it!
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• 2/11/2016

Productions Slider Gallery on the Main Page

I'm not sure about the coding on the slider thing - I added the UK Tour link and graphic, but it seems to have pushed the Japan link off the end?  Does the code only allow four options at a time?  
If we want to use it as a place to showcase all the current productions (need to add cruiseline too) when do we need a different format?
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• 2/10/2016


We have redirect pages for people like Rum Tum and so on, but i was thinking Maybe we should have them for names in other languages? For example, 'Abelkouw' would redirect to Skimbleshanks. I just think that might help people who have seen it in different countries navigate the wiki probably!
I can make the redirect pages, just want to know what you all think
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• 2/9/2016

named swings/ensemble roles

i was thinking we would eventually list named swings/minor ensemble roles on the swing page or on a minor characters page of some sort, but now that gilbert has his own page, does that mean the others are fair game as well?
i'm thinking noilly pratt, olivia, grumbuskin, ensemble quaxo from the asia tour...those types. not quite as significant as gilbert perhaps but more so than nbc or aj for example. 
so where should these guys be written about? swings page, seperate pages, or perhaps a new page for named but minor ensemble cats?
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• 2/5/2016

this cast?

File:CATS The Musical in Sydney-1.jpg i keep seeing this image implied to be of the aus cast...ill admit im not so familiar with this cast but i am certain, at least, that the tugger in this picture is not daniel assetta.
the mistoffelees resembles joseph poulton much more than christopher favaloro, and that seems to be callum train as munkustrap on the left. tugger seems to be antoine.
seems like this is a picture of the palladium cast. so...a case of misidentification, or am i just being silly here?
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