Alonzo is a principal dancer in cats. His name is given in "The Naming of Cats". He usually has several features in the show, such as playing Rumpus Cat and fighting Macavity.


Alonzo is a mature adult, of the same generation as Munkustrap and Tugger. He is not, however, a leader, he takes his instruction from Munkustrap. Alonzo is happy to spend his time relaxing, often in the company of beautiful ladies, or preening and grooming to make sure he looks his best. He can give the impression of being self centred and uninterested in other characters' petty problems.

In Broadway-based productions, Alonzo takes the majority of the fight with Macavity, and remains onstage shadowing the girls as they sing Macavity. In this version of the show, it is strongly suggested that he and Demeter are a couple. In London-based productions, Alonzo is often seen very close to Cassandra.


Very good Dancer. Ensemble baritone.

Alonzo is often seen as the "second in command" to the Jellicle tribe. Whenever there is a threat, he is there to support Munkustrap. He plays a significant role in the fight with Macavity, rescuing Demeter from his clutches.  In the Original Broadway production, and those derived from it, he takes the majority of the Macavity fight after Munkustrap is knocked out early. In some productions, Alonzo dances a "shadow dance" behind Demeter during her verse of Macavity the Mystery Cat, mimicking her movements.  

In the original London Production, initially, Alonzo played Rumpus Cat, but soon, George took over the job. When Steven Wayne left the production, Rumpus was one again played by Alonzo, as is the norm in most replica productions. Unusually, in the Broadway production, Plato took the Rumpus Cat role, however US Tours and subsequent productions gave the role to Alonzo.

Late in the London Production, Alonzo took over dancing the pas-de-deux "Mating Dance" in the Jellicle Ball with Victoria, a role previously danced in London by Admetus, and given to various characters, but rarely Alonzo, worldwide.

Alonzo appears in almost every major production of the show, the only exception being in Japan, where his role is filled by two ensemble cats - Gilbert and Rumpus Cat.


Alonzo is usually one of the easiest characters to pick out in London-based productions, because of his very strong block black and white coloring. He is a patched tom with a striking big black splotch on the left of his face, curled corner of his right eye, and a teardrop-shaped splotch that sweeps down from his nose to the right corner of his mouth.  

In Broadway and subsequent productions that copied that style, he is usually depicted as being black and gold/tan, a fluffier, scruffier look than the neat and elegant black and white version.  

John Napier's original designs show an interesting story of the development of Alonzo's design, with the labels on the designs crossed out and changed as the project was re-worked.  

  1. The original black and white London design is immediately familiar as the Alonzo we know from the film. This design was originally labelled "Quaxo". However, since Quaxo was combined with Mistoffelees in London and used the "Mistoffelees basic" design, "Quaxo" was crossed out and replaced with "Kitten?" and then "Alonzo". This design was not fully realised for the 1981 Original London Cast, as Alonzo doubled as Rumpus Cat, his ensemble costume appears to have been essentially Rumpus Cat without the "R" on his chest.
  2. The exact original design was re-worked with additional tan/gold colouring added to the black and white, and is familiar as the Broadway-style black and gold Alonzo costume.  
  3. The third design relating to Alonzo was labelled "Alonzo" originally, but this was changed to just "Basic". This design has served many ensemble cats in different productions - it seems to be the base for some early European Alonzo designs, on Broadway the design was used for Plato ("Basic" referring to it being Macavity's ensemble costume) and in London this design was used for Victor.  




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