Antwerp Griz
CATS had its Belgian premiere in Antwerp in 1996. The opening night was 31st May 1996 and ran until 22nd September 1996.

Production Specifics

The show was based on the London production and the 2nd UK Tour. The whole score, the staging, orchestration and the costume design were based on the early London production. So, Mistoffelees sang Gumbie's song instead of Munkustrap, and the spoken lines ("Matinee lines") that were featured in London were introduced. The cast consisted of 22 cats, with Electra but no Bill Bailey.

The songs were sung in Dutch/Flemish with altered lyrics based on the Amsterdam translation. The production used the NAP 15 set which was later transferred to Germany.

This production also featured Veerle Casteleyn as Jemima, called Sylvani, who would later go on to be cast in the same roles in other shows, including the 1997 London and video casts. Other actors like Marco Vermie and Matthew Jessner could already be seen in the Euro Tour; Matthew Jessner also in the Vienna and Paris productions. Oliver Tóth went on to be in the Australian Tent Tour production; Tim van der Straeten played Mistoffelees and Pouncival in Hamburg, Stuttgart and Copenhagen, Marco Kraemer played Skimbleshanks in Hamburg. Roberto de Groot, Veerle Casteleyn and Suzanne Heyne later reprised their roles on the Dutch tour.


Cats - 1996 Belgian Dutch production trailer

Cats - 1996 Belgian Dutch production trailer

Creative Team

Associate Director: Chrissie Cartwright

Choreographer: Gillian Lynne

Set Designer: Raymond Huessy (after John Napier)

Translator: Gerrit Komrij


May 1996
Alonzo / Rumpus Cat Tracy Inman
Asparagus / Bustopher Jones Marco Vermie 
Bombalurina Brigitte Derks
Cassandra Caroline Canters (2. Bomba)
Coricopat / Genghis Didier Verleyen
Demeter Suzanne Heyne (2. Jelly, Griza)
Electra Elvira Becks 
Grizabella Hilde Norga
Jellylorum Kristien Coenen (2. Griza)
Jennyanydots / Griddlebone An Lauwereins 
Mistoffelees Clifford Stein  
Mungojerrie Marco Krämer 
Munkustrap Jacob Jan de Graaf
Old Deuteronomy Laurent van Gulik
Plato / Macavity Peter van Dosselaer (2. Alonzo, Cori)
Pouncival Tim van der Straeten 
Rumpleteazer Eleonora Talamini (2. Deme)
Rum Tum Tugger Frank Hoelen
Sylvani Veerle Casteleyn
Skimbleshanks Stefan Hamblok (2. Cori, Mungo, Pounce)
Tantomile Fora van Leijenhorst (2. Deme)
Victoria Inge Bauwens 


Darren Smith: Mungo, Pounce, Tumblebrutus

Matthew Jessner: Alonzo, Cori, Munkus, Plato, Skimble

Oliver Tóth: Misto, Pounce

Richard Remmerswaal: Gus, Tugger

Rick Gonzalez: Alonzo, Plato, Tumblebrutus

Roberto de Groot: Munkus, Tugger

Rob van der Meule: Gus, Old Deut

Agnès Vandrepote: Jemima, Rumple, Victoria

Cindy Van Engelen: Jemima, Rumple

Ellis Van Laarhoven: Bomba, Cassandra, Tanto

Jeannine Geerts: Jelly, Jenny

Wendy Pfeijffer: Cass, Tanto, Victoria


Cats Antwerp 1996 - De oude Stijfselkat

Cats Antwerp 1996 - De oude Stijfselkat

Cats Antwerp 1996 - Dr

Cats Antwerp 1996 - Dr. Diavolo