The first Cats Broadway revival opened in summer 2016, produced by The Shubert Organization and Nederlander Organization. Previews began on 14th July 2016 at the Neil Simon Theatre, and opened on 31st July.

A closing date of 30th December 2017 was announced in June of 2016, bringing the run to a total of 593 performances and 16 previews, in the run period just short of a year and a half. At the same time, a national tour was announced to open in January 2019.

The show is developed from the 2014 London revival. Trevor Nunn, the original director, has directed the revival, and the original designs of John Napier are being used. Andy Blankenbuehler has been responsible for controversial new choreography, firmly rooted in Gillian Lynne's original work, however Gillian Lynne has not directly been involved with the development of this production.

Production Specifics Edit

Many changes were made to Cats for the production, mainly modifed/new choreography and slight lyric changes to songs. The Beetles' Tattoo section in "The Old Gumbie Cat" has been removed, replaced by the cats tap dancing wearing costumes of hubcaps and 'cleaning' the stage under her direction. "Growltiger's Last Stand" is completely removed, with Gus performing "The Awefull Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles" (moved to Act 2) as a re-imagined Rumpus Cat. This sequence is performed to resemble an acted out performance involving the tribe rather than a dream sequence like Growltiger. Some changes made previously for the London Palladium production, such as "Street Cat Tugger" and extended moments for Grizabella, were not carried over into this production.

The production's set is based on that of the London Palladium production, with the car registration plate NAP 70 (the same number as the Palladium set). The props and costumes were produced by the London-based makers of the Palladium/UK Tour costumes, rather than Parsons-Meares who made the original Broadway and US Tour costumes. The costume designs are similar to those used on the Palladium production, with certain costumes being further developed; for instance Jennyanydots' basic costume now echoes the spots on her featured Gumbie Cat costume. Tugger now has a new separate ensemble costume for Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats rather than wearing his Tugger unitard without the large mane. Mistoffelees' light-up jacket was created by Enlighted Designs, creating an updated version of the classic costume.

The Broadway Revival uses a combination of character names from the previous London and Broadway productions. Sillabub is used rather than Jemima, Plato rather than Admetus, and Tumblebrutus rather than Bill Bailey, as is tradition established by previous US productions. However, Carbucketty now exists alongside Pouncival, with the two being separate characters (the former using the London Carbucketty design, the latter using the George design). The ensemble identities during "Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats" for Old Deuteronomy, Asparagus and Tugger have also been named Victor, Peter, and Bill Bailey, respectively.

Creative Team Edit

Neil Simon Theatre

Neil Simon Theatre, pre-opening.

Director: Trevor Nunn

Choreographer: Andy Blankenbuehler

Associate Director & Choreographer: Chrissie Cartwright (recreating Gillian Lynne's original choreography)

Costume & Set Designer: John Napier

Associate Costume Designer: Lisa Zinni

Costume Supervisor: Tracy Stiles

Wigs made by Jenny Dean and Charles Wright

Make-up developed by Karen Dawson and Nancy Powell

Associate Scenic Designer: Alan Walker

Musical Supervisor/Director: Kristen Blodgette

Lighting Designer: Natasha Katz

Sound Designer: Mick Potter

Cast Edit

  1. Click here for the Casting Call for this production.
Broadway Revival Cast
Character Opening Cast (2016) Current Cast
Alonzo Ahmad Simmons - cover Bill Bailey/Tugger
Asparagus / Bustopher Jones Christopher Gurr
Bombalurina Christine Cornish Smith
Carbucketty Giuseppe Bausilio - cover Mistoffelees - left 29 January, 2017 Jakob Karr - cover Mistoffelees
Cassandra Emily Pynenburg
Coricopat Corey Snide - cover Mistoffelees
Demeter Kim Faure
Electra Lili Froehlich
Grizabella Leona Lewis - left 9 October 2016 Mamie Parris - from 17 October 2016
Jellylorum Sara Jean Ford - left 20 November 2016 Sarah Jane Shanks - from 22 November 2016
Jennyanydots Eloise Kropp
Mistoffelees Ricky Ubeda
Mungojerrie Jess LeProtto - left 29 January 2017 Zachary Daniel Jones - from 31 January 2017
Munkustrap Andy Jones
Old Deuteronomy Quentin Earl Darrington
Plato / Macavity Daniel Gaymon
Pouncival Sharrod Williams
Rumpleteazer Shonica Gooden until 10th June Haley Fish - from 12th June 2017
Rum Tum Tugger Tyler Hanes
Sillabub Arianna Rosario until 10th June Jessica Cohen from 12th June
Skimbleshanks Jeremy Davis until 10th June Aaron Albano from 12th June
Tantomile Emily Tate
Tumblebrutus Kolton Krouse - left 29 January 2017 Andrew Wilson - from 31 January 2017
Victoria Georgina Pazcoguin until May 2017 Claire Rathbun - from May 2017
Swing Richard Todd Adams - cover Peter/Bustopher Jones/Asparagus, Victor/Old Deuteronomy
Swing Aaron Albano until 10th June 2017 Ronnie Todorowski from 12th June
Swing Callan Bergmann - cover Mistoffelees, Munkustrap
Swing n/a Maria Briggs - from 19 November, 2016
Swing Claire Camp until 10th June
Swing b/a Spencer Clark - from May 3, 2017
Swing Francesca Granell
Swing Jessica Hendy - cover Grizabella
Swing Harris Milgrim - cover Bill Bailey/Tugger, Munkustrap
Swing Madison Mitchell
Swing Nathan Patrick Morgan - cover Peter/Bustopher Jones/Asparagus, Victor/Old Deuteronomy
Swing Megan Ort - cover Grizabella
Swing n/a Jonalyn Saxer - from January 31, 2017
Swing n/a Tanner Ray Wilson - cover Mistoffelees - from 17 October, 2016

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Opening Night 31st July 2016 Edit

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Reviews and Articles Edit - ***, not impressed with Leona Lewis but liked the rest. - Very positive apart from Leona Lewis not being in the same league as Betty Buckley et al. - ***, Kitsch, dated... yet strangely adorable. - Positive but critical of Leona Lewis.

Daily - A tedious, clawing mess. - Complimentary to Leona Lewis. - Dated, not updated enough.

Hollywood - "Fans will lick it up", not very different to original. - "both pretentious and déclassé"

Links Edit

Official website announcement

May 2016 Interview - Andy Blankenbuehler with Broadway Direct

June 2016 Interview - Gillian Lynne and Broadway Revival, The Stage

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