Bway Winter Garden 2000

When CATS opened on Broadway in 1982, the score was significantly altered from the original, mainly centred around cut verses to some longer songs, and two new pieces of music.

Notable features of the score include:

  • Mistoffelees sang the first chorus of Invitation. The ensemble chorus of the song was retained.
  • The original beginning of the Gumbie tap is retained, although the tap-off was cut.
  • Munkustrap, Mistoffelees and Alonzo all sang "terrible bore" of in Tugger.
  • The Bustopher solo is shortened.
  • There originally was no Macavity scare after Bustopher, instead Tugger announced Mistoffelees, who proceded to sing Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer himself, conjuring puppets of them, with the scare occuring after this song was over. This was soon reverted to the original staging from London, but retaining the new melody, resembling the Vienna version.
  • In Old Deuteronomy, the chorus is sung "No, yes...".
  • The Jellicle Ball had no music cuts.
  • Jellylorum and Sillabub's lines in the Grizabella reprise are retained.
  • This was the introduction of the Aria to Growltiger, instead of the Ballad. The full sword fight music is retained.
  • The longer beginning of the Macavity fight is retained.
  • Mistoffelees sang the second verse of his song himself, keeping the dance break after the second verse, rather than between. His singing in this song was later removed, but the dance break remained after the second verse.

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