Cassandra is an ensemble character in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats.


Haughty, Disdainful, Aloof

Cassandra is usually portrayed as somewhat unlike the other Cats - her costume marks her out as a different breed from the others. She is stunningly beautiful and elegant, and she's well aware of how much she garners attention. Sometimes she is played as a younger, bubblier adult or kitten rather than being entirely cold and distant.


Strong dancer with good ballet training. minimum height 5'7.

Cassandra is mainly a dancing role. She usually features as Mistoffelees' assistant during his song. She is also a featured dancer for the song "Macavity the Mystery Cat". She is usually paired with either Mr. Mistoffelees or Alonzo during the Pas De Deux.

The name Tantomile is used for the character in the Japanese production.


Cassandra is portrayed as an exotic, purebred brown and cream - possibly a Siamese, Sphinx, Burmese, or Abyssinian cat. Her wig is very short and her ears are elegantly rolled.  She is the only cat with no shoulder fur/fluff; her shoulders are smooth, and she has no arm or leg warmers. Her tail is braided rather than fluffy.  Her costume is airbrushed rather than painted or sponged, which makes her look quite different to the rest of the cats. She varies little between productions; in some, she is more solid brown, while in others she has a more pronounced pale body and darker extremities.




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