Category for the Actors/Actresses who played roles in the Original London production of the musical, Cats. Further London Cast lists

Original London CastEdit

Admetus - Steven Wayne
Alonzo / Rumpus Cat -Roland Alexander
Bill Bailey - Peter Barry
Bombalurina - Geraldine Gardner
AsparagusGrowltiger - Stephen Tate
Carbucketty - David Baxter
Cassandra - Seeta Indrani
Coricopat - Donald Waugh
Demeter - Sharon Lee-Hill
Electra - Anita Pashley
Etcetera - Julie Edmett
George - John Chester
Grizabella - Elaine Paige
Jellylorum/Griddlebone -  Susan Jane Tanner
Jemima - Sarah Brightman
Jennyanydots - Myra Sands
Mungojerrie / Macavity - John Thornton
Munkustrap - Jeff Shankley
Old Deuteronomy / Bustopher Jones - Brian Blessed
Quaxo / Mistoffelees - Wayne Sleep
Rumpleteazer - Bonnie Langford
Rum Tum Tugger - Paul Nicholas
Skimbleshanks - Kenn Wells
Tantomile - Femi Taylor
Victoria - Finola Hughes
The Cats Chorus - Nick Hamilton, Jeni Evans, Nichola Kimber, Stephen Hill

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