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Each cat in the show is officially described with three words that help the actors/actresses to discover and build their characters during rehearsals. This is a list of all known character descriptions. It would seem some productions use variants on the words used for each character.
Admetus / Plato friendly, easygoing, protective
Alonzo vain, uncertain, bravado[1]

frail, wise, historied

Bill Bailey / Tumblebrutus chaotic, imprudent, funny
Bombalurina generous, voluptuous, frank[2]
Bustopher Jones foppish, gluttonous, dapper
Carbucketty acrobatic, energetic, accident-prone
Cassandra haughty, disdainful, aloof
Coricopat telepathic, unruffled, instinctive
Demeter skittish, cautious, paranoid
Electra adolescent, inquisitive, daring
Grizabella proud, hurt, indomitable[3]
Jellylorum practical, busy, cheery[4] (dour[5])
Jemima / Sillabub innocent, compassionate, young

(dreamy, yearning, curious [6])

Jennyanydots motherly, controlling, contended
Macavity hypnotic, jealous, dangerous
Mistoffelees competitive, neat, electric
Mungojerrie mischievous, rambunctious, ne'er-do-well
Munkustrap imposing, energetic, courageous
Old Deuteronomy wise, commanding, spiritual
Rum Tum Tugger (Rockstar) vain, perverse, inconsequent


Rum Tum Tugger (Street Cat) perverse, preening, independent [8] (vain, perverse, inconsequent [9])
Rumpleteazer mischievous, rambunctious, ne'er-do-well
Skimbleshanks caring, bright, self-regarding [10](punctual, proud, energetic?)
Tantomile telepathic, suspicious, sensitive
Victoria young, inhibited, inquisitive
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