Grumbuskin is a rarely used character, originating in Growltiger's Last Stand.

Role Edit

Song Character Edit

In the Original production, the few lines of Growltiger's Last Stand that refer to Growltiger's "Bucko mate Grumbuskin" and "Bosun Tumblebrutus" were retained from the original poem, and the roles were played by Munkustrap and Alonzo respectively. Apart from these solo lines, the names had no baring on their part in the number, and the four lines of the song were later cut.

Ensemble Character Edit

In the Chinese production, Grumbuskin is included as an ensemble character, not a named swing, and doubles as Genghis for the Growltiger sequence.

The use of the name formerly of Growltiger's crew to double as the leader of the Siamese mimics many older productions having Tumblebrutus double the same role.

Gallery Edit

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