Cats wigs are generally close fitting, and need to be secured firmly to not fly off during wear. This is achieved by wigs being fitted to individual actors, careful preparation before putting on the wig, and the wig lace itself is glued to the actor's face. A wig cap is worn under the wig, this holds the actor's hair in place, and protects the valuable wig from oils and products from the hair.

Cosplayers may not be dancing the Jellicle Ball, but are likely to be playing around, dancing and posing in unlikely angles, so securing a cosplay wig is as important as for performance.

Instructions Edit

  1. Fix up your hair. If you have long hair, braid it and pin the braids flat to your head. For shorter hair, pin curl it paying particular attention to your front hairline. For very short or bald heads, use self-adhesive crepe bandage to give the wig something to anchor to.
  2. Cover your hair wig a wig cap. This holds all your hair in place, and provides a barrier between your wig and the oils and sweat from your head.
  3. Pin the wig cap to your hair, keep it all secure.
  4. Put on your wig. Make sure the front hairline is high enough, the wig should be sitting on top of your hair but not covering your forehead. Pin the wig to the wig cap - and remember where the pins are going!
  5. Depending on your wig, you will probably want to glue it in place around your face, using spirit gum or toupee tape. This makes sure that the wig will not slip or flap, and that the sideburns stay smooth to your face. If using Spirit gum, make sure you have the right remover to aid in removing the wig at the end of the day.

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