Jacob Brent is an American stage actor, dancer and choreographer best known for his role as Mistoffelees in Cats on Broadway, the 1998 film and in London.

Jacob Brent performed in both the Broadway and London productions of Cats when they broke the record for longest ever running shows, and is the only person to have appeared in the show in the film, original London production, and original Broadway production. Jacob was also in the original production of Starlight Express in Las Vegas.

He now teaches dance at Shenandoah University.

Cats History Edit

Broadway - 10/24/1994-9/1996 - Pouncival

Broadway - 1997 - Mistoffelees

Cats: the Movie - 09/1997 - Mistoffelees

Broadway - 1998 - Mistoffelees

Broadway - 1999 - Mistoffelees

London - 05/2001 - Mistoffelees

Performed in Starlight Express

Gallery Edit


Interview and Show Clips05:31

Interview and Show Clips

Broadway production

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