James Barron is a British theatre, film and television actor famous for playing the role of Bustopher Jones in the 1998 film version of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, Cats. Outside of the musical, he has played a variety of TV and movie roles.

Cats History

Cats: the Movie - 09/1997 - Bustopher Jones

London - 10/1997 - Asparagus / Bustopher Jones



  • Jack in Review
  • Grantaire, Combefere and Javert in Les Miserables
  • Gus/Growltiger and Bustopher Jones in Cats
  • The Bed before Yesterday (unknown role)
  • The London Merchange (unknown role)
  • Windows Houses (unknown role)
  • Richard Lionheart in The Lion in Winter
  • Lord Byron in Haunted
  • Ivor Novello's King's Rhapsody (unknown role)
  • South Pacific (unknown role)
  • Kiss Me Kate (unknown role)

Television and Video

  • Les Miserables 10th Anniversary concert
  • Bustopher Jones in Cats (1998)
  • 'Allo 'Allo (unknown role)
  • Home to Roost (unknown role)
  • Shelley (unknown role)
  • The Endless Game (unknown role)
  • Tabs Tales (unknown role)
  • West Country Tales (unknown role)
  • Three Up, Two Down (unknown role)
  • Laura and Disorder (unknown role)


  • Cats (international cast)
  • Les Miserables 10th anniversary concert
  • We Can Be Kind (Crusaid)
  • A Portrait of Love (Australia)