World Tour - 04/2004 - Jonathan / Swing

Australasia Tour - 2007-2010 - Plato / Macavity

Australasia Tour - 2010 - George / Swing

Asia Tour - 2014 - Plato / Macavity

Asia Tour - 2014 - Coricopat

Asia Tour - 2015 - Alonzo

Australia Tour - 09/2015-05/2016 - Admetus / Macavity - Dance Captain

Cats History Edit

JAMES COOPER grew up in a small town in Tasmania where he began dancing at a young age.He moved to Melbourne to study at the Victorian College of the Arts before he was fortunate enough to begin touring with CATS at the age of nineteen.  He has played several roles over the past eleven years and is thrilled to be revisiting the role of Admetus / Macavity once again. James lives in Tasmania and when not touring, works as a teacher at Body Language Dance School where he began his dance training many years ago.

Gallery Edit

Video Edit

Cats Make Up Demonstration with James Cooper02:26

Cats Make Up Demonstration with James Cooper

CATS the Musical – Becoming a Cat – James Cooper05:48

CATS the Musical – Becoming a Cat – James Cooper

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