Jellylorum is a character from Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical, Cats.


practical, busy, cheery

Jellylorum is often portrayed as one of the more mature Jellicles, alongside Jennyanydots, Skimbleshanks and Asparagus. She is often seen trying to bring order to the Jellicles or scolding kittens when they misbehave. 

In some productions, Jellylorum is portrayed as much younger and playful, almost a kitten, while still taking care of Gus as if as of elderly relative. She also was one of the cats to touch and accept Grizabella back into the tribe and showed how sorry she was for turning her back on her in the beginning, no longer considering her a threat to her or to the little kittens and finally trusting her and waving goodbye to her when she enters into the Heaviside layer to be reborn.


Excellent soprano. Must be able to move. Practical, affectionate and maternal.  Playing age: 25 - 35.

Jellylorum is one of the more prominent vocal roles, she sings in "The Gumbie Cat", "Bustopher Jones" and "Gus the Theatre Cat". She is not featured as a dancer, her role often puts her at the back or sitting out the most intensive dance sequences. She does however tap dance in "The Gumbie Cat", and dance in the ensemble.

Jellylorum usually plays Griddlebone in Growltiger's Last Stand, (occasionally the role is given to Jennyanydots) and is therefore required to be a strong soprano to be able to sing the Italian Aria (if included in the production). Often Jellylorum is cast as a strong soprano even if the version of the show being performed uses either of the less vocally demanding alternatives to the original Aria, "Billy Macaw" or the Palladium version of the Aria.


Jellylorum is a golden tabby and white cat. Unlike the fluffy little kittens, she tends to be more elegant and smooth in her outline with neither arm warmers or gloves. Often, she wears a braided fabric collar.




While Jellylorum does not have a song of her own, she is the primary singer of "Gus the Theatre Cat", a song about the life and acting career of the titular character.

Cats 15 Gus The Theatre Cat

Cats 15 Gus The Theatre Cat

"Gus The Theatre Cat" as performed in the 1998 film by Susan Jane Tanner.

Gus The Theatre Cat (Vienna 1988) - Pia Douwes

Gus The Theatre Cat (Vienna 1988) - Pia Douwes


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