Jennyanydots is a featured character in the musical Cats. she is The Gumbie Cat, who during the day sits, and naps, and spends the nights running the household once the family are asleep.


Motherly, Controlling, Contented

Jennyanydots is a kind, doting, motherly character. She has a vested interest in the well-being on not only the other Jellicles, but rats, mice and beetles. She seems to be well versed in knitting, crocheting, tatting, and (if her creation of a the Beetle's Tattoo is any sign) choreography.

She spends the day sitting on "anything that's smooth and flat". She is less active than the younger cats, but watches everything going on around her with fascination and enthusiasm.


Strong vocally, must have very good tap. Rather round, with a mothering personality and a sense of humour. Playing age - 25 - 45.

Jennyanydots plays a fairly large role in the musical. She has her own song and has lines in a variety of others songs. She also sings the solo introducing Bustopher Jones. She is often seen scolding the younger cats when they misbehave, and trying to keep them all in line, including keeping them away from Grizabella, but in the end she is one of the cats to finally touch and accept her. In some productions, notably those based on the Vienna production, Jennyanydots plays Griddlebone rather than Jellylorum taking the role.

In the Original London production, Judi Dench was intended to play Jennyanydots as well as Grizabella. The story of how Elaine Paige replaced her as Grizabella is well known, but at the same time Myra Sands stepped up from an ensemble role to become Jennyanydots throughout the show. The costume design for Jennyanydots' ensemble was re-named from Electra to Jennyanydots, indicating that Myra Sands may have been originally slated to be Electra, and that Jennyanydots would not have an ensemble presence, much as Bustopher Jones is not seen other than in his solo.

Appearance Edit

Jennyanydots is a gingery tabby with white markings. Her unitard is orange, black and white, her wig is often a bright ginger in London-based productions, but a softer mix of ginger, blonde and brown in others. Her ears are formed by rolls in her wig, rather than the more usual tied ears or the suggestion of ears in a fan shape.

Jennyanydots' song costume consists of an enormous, rounded knitted coat with a spotted pattern and a hat. Underneath she wears a fringed orange, yellow and white fringed tap costume.

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Fandom Edit

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