Karen Bryan-Dawson, Make-up Designer, joined the CATS team in 1989 for the UK tour and was asked to create a stylised look for the production. Her designs have since been used for London and subsequent productions.

Karen designed the cats make-up on the faces of the actors, because after all the make-up will end up on the face - a 3D image. Once the make-up has been designed photographs of the front and the two sides of the face are then taken. The charts give detailed instructions for colors and shading. Each actor is given a make-up chart, a photograph of how they should look and a bag of the correct cosmetics.

Karen Dawson - Professional Resumé


Makeup Chart Gallery

CATS- The Ins and Outs of Costumes and Makeup! - Behind the Scenes - Cats the Musical01:13

CATS- The Ins and Outs of Costumes and Makeup! - Behind the Scenes - Cats the Musical

Behind the Scenes on the Cats Video, 1997

Productions involved

UK Tour 1 - 1989-1990

London - 1989-2002

Zürich - 1991-1993

UK Tour 2 - 1993-1995

Euro Tour - 1994-1996

Antwerp - 1996

Film version - 1997

Copenhagen - 2002

Berlin - 2002-2004

UK Tour 3 - 2003-2009

Düsseldorf - 2004-2005

Moscow - 2005-2006

German Tour - 2005-2006

Dutch Tour - 2006-2007

German Tent Tour - 2010-2013

UK Tour 4 - 2013-2014

London - 2014-2015

Blackpool/London - 2015-2016

UK Tour 5/International Tour - 2016

Asia Tour - 2017

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