Kaye Brown in an English Theatre actress (originally from the West Indes, who later moved to England) known for playing roles such as Tantomile in the 1998 film Cats, and Kattie in a 2003 production of Kiss Me Kate.

Cats History

London - 11/1991 - Tantomile

London - 05/1992 - Tantomile

London - 11/1992 - Tantomile

UK Tour - 11/1993 - Swing

Cats: the Movie - 09/1997 - Tantomile

Cats History - Off Stage

Berlin - 2003-2004 - Resident Director

Düsseldorf - 2004-2005 - Artistic Consultant

German Tour - 2005-2006 - Artistic Consultant



  • London production of Doctor Dolittle
  • West End production of Miss Saigon (1999)
  • Hattie in Kiss Me Kate (2003)


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