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The 2014/15 West End production of Cats was a recurring, limited run at the London Palladium Theatre. The initial run from December 2014 was extended to late April 2015, with a two week break in March as the Palladium was used for filming. During the summer of 2015 the show went "on tour" for an 8 week run in Blackpool, north England, and returned to the Palladium Autumn/Winter 2015.

The revised material introduced in this production was used in further productions in Paris and Australia through 2014 and 2015; although the 2016 Broadway Revival uses many of the physical properties of this production, the material used has again be revised and few of the changes made for the Palladium continue in the Broadway Revival.

Production Specifics Edit

Palladium Nicole 1

Nicole Scherzinger pre-production publicity

The production was a development/extension of the 2013-14 UK Tour, with most of the cast bringing their roles over to West End. Lloyd Webber however extensively revised the production.  

This production was heavily marketed, with star billing given to performing artist Nicole Scherzinger as Grizabella. The show has also been tailored to bring more focus to Grizabella's stage time, with her solos being extended by a minute or so each. Kerry Ellis took over the role from the 9th of February - 25th April, 2015. For the Autumn/Winter 2015 run, star billing was given to Beverley Knight as Grizabella.

Financially, the production was a huge success. The demand for tickets has lead to almost a complete sell-out in one of the largest theatres in the West End and an 8 week extension, thus proving there is still a strong market for Cats 33 years after the original production. The second run, however, was less heavily advertised, and didn't sell quite so well.

Production Dates Edit

  • Palladium Theatre, London - 06/12/2014 - 25/04/2015
  • Blackpool Opera House - 09/07/2015 - 05/09/2015
  • Palladium Theatre, London - 23/10/2015 - 02/01/2016

Following the closure at the Palladium, Cats started a full 2016 UK / European Tour.

Revised Material Edit

Palladium Griz Deut

Opening Night Bows

This production was promoted heavily on the feature of new material, and this production has been the template for subsequent world-wide productions adopting these changes. The most prominent alteration is the re-branding of the Rum Tum Tugger into an urban street cat, replacing his solo in the self-titled song with a rap/street dance number.  Growltiger's Last Stand has been changed to a much grittier, soft shoe/jazz number and the lover's duet cut entirely for the 014-15 run, and a new aria introduced in November 2015. The Gumbie Cat's dance break has been replaced by a longer and more technical tap number choreographed by Bill Deamer, as well as featuring new music.

For the first time in a British production of Cats, Pouncival and Carbucketty are both ensemble, however the kitten named Pouncival resembles chorus cat George. As an easter egg for fans, the swings appear in the press photos dressed as characters who do not appear in this production - including Babygriz, Electra, and Pouncival.

Costume Designs Edit

Tugger Design 3

The most obvious costume alterations have been made by the Rum Tum Tugger and Grizabella. Grizabella's costume has been subtly altered to resemble something Nicole Scherzinger would wear in her solo career - a corset and lace-up stockings worn under a fur coat which has been made lighter and more stream-lined. Rum Tum Tugger now wears a backwards ball cap, his hair in braids, a vest top and harem pants with lots of gold necklaces. Growltiger and his Raffish crew have also had new costumes, now in shades of dark charcoal. There have also been tweaks to the designs across the ensemble, with less blocky, primary colours having been used. This is most apparent in Bombalurina and Jemima's costumes.

Creative TeamEdit

Composer: Andrew Lloyd Webber

Director: Trevor Nunn

Choreographer & Associate Director: Gillian Lynne. Gumbie Tap Choreography: Bill Deamer

Associate Choreographer and Director to Gillian Lynne and Trevor Nunn: Chrissie Cartwright. Assistant Director: Marina Stevenson.

Set & Costume Designer: John Napier. Associate Set Designer: Alan Walker. Projection Designer: Jon Driscoll of Cineumina.

Makeup Designed by John Napier; developed by Karen Dawson

Lighting Designer: Howard Eaton. Original Lighting Design by David Hersey. Sound Designer: Greg Pink.

Orchestrations by David Cullen and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Musical Director: Adrian Kirk. Production Musical Supervisor: Graham Hurman.

Additional Lyrics for "The Rum Tum Tugger" by Antoine Murray-Straughan.

Cast Edit

Role Cast
Palladium, December 2014
Admetus / Macavity Cameron Ball
Alonzo / Rumpus Cat Adam Lake
Asparagus / Bustopher Jones Paul F Monaghan
Bill Bailey Adam Salter
Bombalurina Charlene Ford
Carbucketty Joel Morris
Cassandra Cassie Clare
Coricopat Benjamin Mundy
Demeter Zizi Strallen (until 02/15)
Demeter Lily Frazer (after 02/15)
Grizabella Nicole Scherzinger (until 02/15)
Grizabella Kerry Ellis (after 02/15)
Grizabella Alternate Sophia Ragavelas
Jellylorum Clare Rickard
Jemima Natasha Mould
Jennyanydots Laurie Scarth
Mistoffelees Joseph Poulton
Mungojerrie Benjamin Yates
Munkustrap Callum Train
Old Deuteronomy Nicholas Pound
Pouncival Stevie Hutchinson
Rumpleteaser Dawn Williams
Rum Tum Tugger Antoine Murray-Straughan
Skimbleshanks Ross Finnie
Tantomile Kathryn Barnes
Victoria Hannah Kenna Thomas
Walking Cover Barry Haywood
Swing Ryan Gover
Swing Alice Jane
Swing Grace McKee
Swing Dane Quixall
Swing Libby Watts
Role Cast
Blackpool / Palladium 2015
Admetus / Macavity Javier Cid
Alonzo / Swing (Blackpool) Alex Pinder
Alonzo / Swing (Blackpool) Oliver Ramsdale
Alonzo (Palladium) Jack Butterworth
Asparagus / Bustopher Jones Paul F Monaghan
Bill Bailey Jon-Scott Clark
Bombalurina Emma Lee Clark
Carbucketty Luke Cinque-White
Cassandra Danielle Cato
Coricopat James Titchener
Demeter Anna Woodside
Grizabella (Blackpool) Jane McDonald
Grizabella (Palladium) Beverley Knight
Grizabella Alternate Madalena Alberto
Jellylorum Clare Rickard
Jemima Tarryn Gee
Jennyanydots Jane Quinn
Mistoffelees Mark John Richardson
Mungojerrie Harry Francis
Munkustrap Matt Krzan
Old Deuteronomy Adam Linstead
Pouncival Jordan Shaw
Rumpleteaser Georgie Leatherland
Rum Tum Tugger (Blackpool) Jack Butterworth
Rum Tum Tugger (Palladium) Marcquelle Ward
Skimbleshanks Evan James
Tantomile Gabrielle Cocca
Victoria Hannah Kenna Thomas
Walking Cover Barry Haywood
Swing Megan Armstrong
Swing Lindsay Atherton
Swing Lucy Brushett
Swing Alex Pinder
Swing Oliver Ramsdale

Jellicle Ballroom 2014-15 SeasonEdit

Cats London - The Jellicle Ballroom01:19

Cats London - The Jellicle Ballroom

In celebration of the West End pick-up of the show, the Van Parnell bar at the Palladium has been transformed in order to entertain the guests, pre-show. Many show-related activities have been set up, such as:
  • Poetry Readings of T.S. Eliot's Pieces
  • Cat-Inspired free Face Painting
  • Original Costume/Design Gallery
  • Children's Puzzles, Prizes, Photos
  • Cat Cream Bar (drinks and ice cream)

The room opens two hours prior to the show, 12:30 for matinees and 5:30 for evenings. This has been used as a promotion tool to market the run. The gallery includes designs for every character, many press cuttings, various speciality costumes on display and things of interest to fans.
The Jellicle Ballroom was not reprised for the 2015 season, apart from the free face painting and early hours bar.

Jellicle Ballroom Gallery


London 2014

Blackpool 2015

London 2015

Press CallEdit

Cats Press Launch London Palladium 2014-009:24

Cats Press Launch London Palladium 2014-0

Andrew Lloyd Webber Trevor Nunn Gillian Lynne interview 201407:32

Andrew Lloyd Webber Trevor Nunn Gillian Lynne interview 2014

at 6:00 Lloyd Webber outlines his plans to change Growltiger and Rum Tum Tugger.

Andrew Lloyd Webber's Updates Edit

As reported by The BBC - The hit musical Cats looks set to include a rapping feline when it returns to London's West End this year. Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber said the character of Rum Tum Tugger would become "a street cat" in the show. Cats, which has not been seen in London for 12 years, is based on TS Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats.

"I've come to the conclusion having re-read Eliot, that maybe Eliot was the inventor of rap," Lord Lloyd-Webber said.

He said he had also "completely rewritten" the song Growltiger's Last Stand because "it was never my favourite moment of the show".

The composer was speaking at a launch event at the London Palladium on Monday, where Cats will run for 12 weeks from 6 December. Speaking to the BBC at the launch event, Lord Lloyd-Webber said he had wanted to "rework" a couple of the poems - including Rum Tum Tugger - for many years.

"I'm not changing what Eliot wrote, but if you read that poem and you get a rapper to do it - don't ask me to do it - it's quite interesting."

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