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Initially going by David Baxter, name changed to Luke Baxter by 1982.

London - 05/1981 - Carbucketty

London - 05/1982 - Carbucketty

London - 11/1982 - Carbucketty

London - 09/1983 - Carbucketty

London - 12/1983 - Carbucketty

London - 07/1984 - Mungojerrie

London - 05/1985 - Mungojerrie

UK Tour - 05/1989 - Mistoffelees

London - 05/1992 - Mistoffelees

London - 11/1992 - Mistoffelees

London - 05/1993 - Mistoffelees

London - 11/1993 - Mistoffelees

Performed in Starlight Express

1981 Biography Edit

David Baxter is a gymnastic dancer, having trained in acrobatics at the Southampton Gymnastic Club from the age of eight. He won a Gold Medal in the English Schools Mens Pairs Grade 2 Sports Acrobatics at national level. He was trained in classical dance at the Royal Ballet Upper School and is now aged 17 and appearing in his first West End show.

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