Cats opened at the Teatro Coliseum, Madrid on 17 December 2003 and ran until 16th January 2005. It was the first appearance of the "NAP 17" set that was then used in Moscow and for the Dutch Tour.

Production Specifics

Some of the promotional material for this production came from the German productions from 2002 and earlier.

Compared to other UK based productions, some of the costume choices seem quite odd, e.g. Electra and Plato both wearing an Admetus wig and Pouncival wearing an Admetus unitard. Just like the Berlin costumes, the Madrid costumes were made under the supervision of Armin Werner.

The scenery was built under the supervision of Christoph Weyers, who also happened to be the Associate Set Designer of the Berlin production.

Like in the 80s and early 90s in London, "The Old Gumbie Cat" was sung by Mistoffelees.

Creative Team

The creative team of the Madrid production was quite special as it included members from the European team (including Chrissie Cartwright, Marina Stevenson, Howard Eaton, and Daniel Bowling), the German team (including Christoph Weyers, and Armin Werner), and the American team (including Suzanne Viverito, and Gaston Brisky). A mixture that never occured to such extend before or after.

Associate Director/Choreographer: Chrissie Cartwright

Assistant Directors/Choreographers: Marina Stevenson & Suzanne Viverito

Musical Director: Santiago Pérez

Associate Set Designer: Christoph Weyers (after John Napier)

Costume Supervisor: Armin Werner

Wig Supervisor: Feliciano San Román

Music Supervisor: Daniel Bowling

Sound Designer: Gaston Brisky

Associate Lighting Designer: Howard Eaton


17 December 2003 – 16 January 2005
Alonzo Javier Toca Juara
Asparagus / Bustopher Jones Enrique Sequero
Bombalurina Paqui Sánchez Melchor
Cassandra Laura Rodriguez
Coricopat Santiago Cano
Demeter Guadalupe Lancho
Deuteronomio Pedro Ruy-Blas
Electra Eva Álvarez
Grizabella Helen de Quiroga
Jellylorum / Griddlebone Gorane Markinez
Jemima Sandra Rausell
Jennyanydots Marta Malone
Mr. Mistoffelees Victor Ullate Roche
Mungojerrie Hugo Riveros Delporte
Munkustrap Jack Rebaldi
Plato / Macavity Pepe Munoz
Pouncival Andrés Pérez
Rum Tum Tugger Edu / later: David Ordinas
Rumpleteazer Raquel Grijalba
Skimbleshanks Alberto Sánchez
Tantomile Silvia Álvarez
Tumblebrutus Juan Carlos Verdú
Victoria Teresa Cora
Cats Chorus: Alberto Aliaga
Sylvia Oliver
Patricia Paisal
Antonio Ródenas
Esther González
Oscar Mingoranze
Swings: Edgar A. Moreno
Francesce Esteve
Marchu Lorente
David Mur
Isabel Olivera García
Yolanda Serrano (Cuca)
Lios Suárèz


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