Magical Mister Mistoffelees is a song about Mistoffelees and his magical feats. The song is usually performed by Rum Tum Tugger, although in some versions, Mistoffelees also sings.

Context Edit

After Macavity has been fought off by the tribe, they are left, in the dark, with a disaster - Old Deuteronomy has been kidnapped. They must find him. Rum Tum Tugger suggests they ask Mister Mistoffelees - although the tribe are inclined not to take Tugger seriously, Mistoffelees enters and uses his magical powers to restore the lights, he performs magic tricks, and to everyone's relief, he conjures back Old Deuteronomy.

Mistoffelees' solo number is a dance showcase for the actor playing him. The role was created by Wayne Sleep, and features his signature moves. Mistoffelees performs the most difficult choreography in the show, including 24 fouettés en tournant and dancers cast in the role generally have extensive ballet and gymnastic experience.

Lyrics Edit

You ought to ask magical Mr Mistoffelees
The original conjuring cat
There can be no doubt about that
Please, listen to me!
And don't scoff,
All his inventions are off his own bat

There's no such cat in the Metropolis
He holds all the patent monopolies
For performing surprising illusions
And creating eccentric confusions

The greatest magicians have something to learn
From Mr Mistoffelees conjuring turn!

And we all say
"Oh! Well, I never!
Was there ever a cat so clever as
Magical Mr Mistoffelees?"

He is quiet, he is small, he is black
From his ears to the tip of his tail
He can creep through the tiniest crack
He can walk on the narrowest rail
He can pick any card from a pack
He is equally cunning with dice
He's always deceiving you into believing
That he's only hunting for mice

He can play any trick with a cork
Or a spoon and a bit of fish paste
If you look for a knife or a fork
And you think that it's merely misplaced

You've seen it one moment,
But then it is gone!
But you'll find it next week
Laying out on the lawn

And we all say
"Oh! Well, I never!
Was there ever a cat so clever as
Magical Mr Mistoffelees?"


"Oh! Well, I never!
Was there ever a cat so clever as
Magical Mr Mistoffelees?"

His manner is vague and aloof
And you would think there was nobody shyer
But his voice can heard on the roof
When he was curled up by the fire

And has sometimes been heard by the fire
While he was about on the roof
At least, we all heard that somebody purred
Which is incontestable proof

And of his singular magical powers
I've known the family to call
Him in from the garden for hours
While he was asleep in the hall

And, not long ago, this phenomenal cat
Produced seven kittens right out of a hat!

And we all say,
"Oh! Well, I never!
Was there ever a cat so clever as
Magical Mr Mistoffelees?"

I give you:
The magical,
The Marvelous,
Mr Mistoffelees!


Original London cast03:45

Original London cast. Mistoffelees Lyrics

1982 Original Broadway Cast04:26

1982 Original Broadway Cast

Cats 18 Magical Mr06:30

Cats 18 Magical Mr. Mistoffelees


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