Logo Cruise 2014

The first cruise production of Cats opened on Royal Carribbean's 'Oasis of the Seas' at 2nd November 2014.

Production Specifics

Cruise Group 1
This production of Cats is performed "in rep", alternating with a circus-style show, with many of the cast playing in both shows.
Cruise Group 3
While this version is produced by Royal Carribbean, the whole show is now based on the UK/European version of Cats with the exception that, like in every American production, the Ballad of Billy McCaw is replaced by the Italian aria In Una Tepida Notte.

The costume designs are UK style, although many of the wigs are styled in a more 'ragged' variation of the original designs. Originally the US Troika Tour costumes were to be used, but with the Palladium production combining the properties of the UK Tour and the German Tent Tour, a full set of costumes became available and are used in this production. Troika are still involved with the costume maintenance. The set (NAP 18) is notably similar to the one of the German Tent Tour (NAP 19).

The production still uses the "Rockstar" original version of Tugger's character (instead of the "Street Cat" version that had its premiere in London in 2014). However, the choreography of the Jellicle Ball has been reworked.

The cast consists of 22 cats. The production uses the American names for the kittens: Tumblebrutus, Plato, Sillabub and Pouncival. There's no Electra in the cast.

Creative Team

Cruise Group 2

Associate Director & Choreographer (2014): Chrissie Cartwright

Associate Director & Choreographer (2015-2020): Michael Clowers

Music Supervisor: Graham Hurman

Royal Carribbean Music Supervisor: Ben Bryant


November 2014

Erica Hansen, who plays Jennyanydots, is the only actress who has been in a production of Cats (US National/Troika tour) before; all the others are making their debuts in Cats.

Role Cast
11/2014 Cast (Cast 1)
Alonzo / Rumpus Cat Jack Butterworth
Asparagus / Bustopher Jones Greg Castiglioni
Bombalurina Rachael Ward
Cassandra Georgia Reid Hamilton
Coricopat James Titchener
Demeter Kelsie-Rae Marshall
Grizabella Vivienne Carlyle
Jellylorum Celia Graham
Jennyanydots Erica Hansen
Mistoffelees Anthony Starr
Mungojerrie George Hankers
Munkustrap Matias Stegmann
Old Deuteronomy Trent Armand Kendall
Plato / Macavity Calvin Cooper 
Pouncival Enric Marimon
Rumpelteazer Georgie Leatherland
Rum Tum Tugger Dominic Andersen
Sillabub Tarryn Gee
Skimbleshanks Lee Greenaway
Tantomile Lydia Bannister
Tumblebrutus Aaron Hunt
Victoria Sophia McAvoy

May 2015

Role Cast
05/2015 Cast (Cast 2)
Alonzo Oliver Marriott
Asparagus / Bustopher Jones Christopher Haley
Bombalurina Alexandra Wright
Cassandra Katie Thorpe
Coricopat Fletcher Dobinson
Demeter Lydia Bannister / Lauren Csete
Grizabella Cornilla Luna
Jennyanydots Beth Tarnow
Jellylorum Katherine Dixon
Mistoffelees Michael Rios
Mungojerrie Timothy Fuchs
Munkustrap Ian Laskowski
Old Deuteronomy Doug Eskew
Plato / Macavity Ashley-Jordan Packer
Pouncival Shiv Rabheru
Rum Tum Tugger Graham Weaver
Rumpleteazer Adena Ershow
Sillabub Katie Deacon
Skimbleshanks Graham Newell
Tantomile Eilish Harmon-Beglan
Tumblebrutus Derrion Reddin
Victoria Anna Forbes

November 2015

Role Cast
11/2015 Cast (Cast 3)
Alonzo / Rumpus Cat Joe Miller
Asparagus / Bustopher Jones Ryan Everett Wood
Bombalurina Persephone Fitzpatrick
Cassandra Natalie Bennyword
Coricopat Nathan Zach Johnson
Demeter Verity Burgess
Grizabella Kate Moore
Jellylorum / Griddlebone Holli Paige Farr
Jennyanydots Erica Hansen
Mistoffelees Matt Landel
Mungojerrie Charles Butcher
Munkustrap Sharif Afifi
Old Deuteronomy Craig Berry
Plato / Macavity Kristian Crowe
Pouncival James-Royden Lyley
Rum Tum Tugger Will Richardson (till Dec '15)

Stanley Allyn Owen (from Jan '16)

Rumpleteazer Tahlia Shaw
Sillabub Amy Everett
Skimbleshanks Bryan Mottram 
Tantomile Harriet Jarvis
Tumblebrutus Joe Atkinson
Victoria Jessica Black

May 2016

Role Cast
12/05/2016 Cast (Cast 4)
Alonzo / Rumpus Cat Shaun Mendum
Asparagus / Bustopher Jones Chris Harley
Bombalurina Alexandra Wright
Cassandra (Dance Captain) Amy Van De Wetering
Coricopat Antonio Beverly
Demeter Alyson Larkin
Grizabella Angela Calo
Jellylorum Megan Ort
Jennyanydots Amy Louise Whittle
Mistoffelees Philip Rocamora
Mungojerrie Billy Mahoney
Munkustrap Brett-Marco Glauser
Old Deuteronomy Doug Eskew
Plato / Macavity Billy Warren
Pouncival Thomas Bedford
Rumpleteazer Laura Colclough
Rum Tum Tugger John Dempsey
Skimbleshanks Adam Illsley
Tumblebrutus Pete Simpson
Victoria Charlotte Perry

November 2016

Role Cast
11/2016 Cast (cast 5)
Alonzo / Rumpus Cat Tom Broderick
Asparagus / Bustopher Jones Ryan Bailey
Bombalurina Emily Ormiston
Cassandra Natalie Moore
Coricopat Aaron Macaulay
Demeter Emmanuelle N'Zuzi
Grizabella Heidi Karlsson
Jellylorum Celia Graham
Jennyanydots Lily de-la-Haye
Mistoffelees Matt Landel
Mungojerrie James-Royden Lyley
Munkustrap Nick Duncan
Ian Laskowski (from January)
Old Deuteronomy [[ ]]
Plato / Macavity Jared Johnson
Pouncival Callum Dyer
Rumpleteazer Ellie Waite
Rum Tum Tugger Stanley Allyn Owen
Sillabub Chelsea James ?
Skimbleshanks Patrick George
Tantomile Lydia Boulton
Tumblebrutus Rhys Batten
Victoria Abbie Quinnen

June 2017

06/2017 Cast (Cast 6)
Alonzo / Rumpus Cat Bradley Craig
Asparagus / Bustopher Jones Connor McAllister
Bombalurina Lauren Mobley
Cassandra Mallory Gladman
Coricopat Alexander Bartels
Demeter Dana Hunter
Grizabella Robyn Tempest
Jellylorum Panny Farr
Jennyanydots Liz Fallon
Mistoffelees PJ Di Gaetano
Mungojerrie Matthew Ranaudo
Munkustrap Jeff Sullivan
Old Deuteronomy Doug Eskew
Plato / Macavity Louis Clarke-Clare
Pouncival Joey Kummert
Rumpleteazer Yvette Johnson
Rum Tum Tugger Graham Weaver
Sillabub Zoey Heighton
Skimbleshanks Elliot Peterson
Tantomile Emily Tanner
Tumblebrutus William Lishman
Victoria Mykaila Symes


Skimbleshanks, CATS, Oasis Of The Seas - October 2015

Skimbleshanks, CATS, Oasis Of The Seas - October 2015

Skimbleshanks, October 2015