The second time Cats was staged in Norway, was in 2009 at Chat Noir (Black Cat) in Oslo. Compared to the 1985 production, the costumes was redesigned, the lyrics was translated anew into bokmål and the original English names was kept instead of the Norwegian ones.

Siân Playsted also worked on Cats in Sweden two years earlier.

Director – Tom Sterri

Choreographer - Siân Playsted

Translation - Runar Borge

Conductor - Hans Einar Apelland


Mungojerrie – Håkon Sigernes

Rumpleteazer – Charlotte Øverland Våset

Skimbleshanks/Tumblebrutus – Sivert Hauge

Demeter – Solveig Andsnes

Jemima – Gulla Nordmoen

Old Deuteronomy – Per Vollestad

Jennyanydots – Øyunn Bjørge

Rum Tum Tugger – Petter Aagaard

Electra – Thea Bay

Victoria – Fransisca Sveinall

Exotica – Michelle Purvis

Etcetera – Anett Amundsen

Gus the Theatre Cat – Toralv Maurstad

Grizabella – Liv Eirin Francis

Macavity/Bill Bailey – Geir Gundersen

Alonzo/Bustopher Jones – Bjørn Wettre Holthe

Munkustrap – Lars Jacob Holm

Bombalurina – Kristin Berg

Jellylorum/Griddlebone – Reidun Sæther

Mr. Mistoffelees – Atle Karsten Solberg

? – Selma Winje

? – Sara Foss Aaserud

? – Signe Marie Øen Carlsen

? – Casandra Strand Simon

? – Rebecca Weng


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