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Cats opened at the Mogador Theatre, Paris on 1st October 2015 (after 10 previews) and closed on 3rd July 2016. [1] This was the second permanent Cats production in France, the first being in 1989. The two productions used completely different adaptations of the song lyrics, and some cats had different names.

Production Specifics Edit

The production follows the London Palladium production, with the Street Cat Tugger and new material. Unlike the Palladium, this production has cut the named role Carbucketty, choosing to use the name Pouncival for the kitten. Further, Pouncival is the alternate Mistoffelees. The set is a replica of the London Palladium set, even to the exact details of the car number plate reading "NAP 70/ GRITTY KITTY GB"

Creative Team Edit

Director: Trevor Nunn

Choreography: Gillian Lynne

Gumbie Tap choreography: Bill Deamer

Associate Director & Choreographer: Chrissie Cartwright

Assistant to Chrissie Cartwright: Ryan Gover

Costume and Scenic Design: John Napier

Paris 15 Theatre 1

Makeup Design: Karen Dawson

Associate Scenic Design: Alan Walker

Lighting Design: Howard Eaton

Sound Designer: Greg Pink

Music Supervisor: Graham Hurman

Resident Director: Véronique Bandelier

Theatre Edit

The Mogador Theatre is owned by Stage Entertainment. It was home to the French production of "Tanz der Vampire" prior to Cats' arrival, and the next musical played there will be "The Phantom of the Opera". [2]

Cast Edit

The production starred Prisca Demarez as Grizabella [3] (except for a month during which Chimène Badi took her place for publicity purposes [4]).

The London Revival cast performed at the press launch on 28th April 2015, immediately following the closure of the Palladium production. The cast were gradually announced via the production's Facebook Page.

Admetus / Macavity Nicolas Turconi
Alonzo / Rumpus Cat Grégory Gonel
Bill Bailey Yoan Grosjean
Bombalurina Rachael Ward (until March 2016)
Marie Glorieux (from March 2016)
Bustopher Jones / Growltiger /
Asparagus / Gus (as Endive / Yves)
Wim Van Den Driessche
Cassandra Federica Capra
Coricopat Lucas Radziejewski
Demeter Emmanuelle N'Zuzi
Grizabella Prisca Demarez
Chimène Badi (28th April to 3rd June 2016)
Jellylorum / Griddlebone Léonie Thoms
Jemima Oonagh Jacobs
(as Jennychatoyante)
Katharina Lochmann
Mistoffelees Axel Alvarez (Alternate Pouncival)
Mungojerrie Stoyan Zmarzlik
Munkustrap Cédric Chupin
Old Deuteronomy
(as Vieux Deutéronome)
Pierre-Yves Duchesne
Pouncival William Pedro (Alternate Mistoffelees)
Rumpleteazer Vanessa Cailhol
Rum Tum Tugger Golan Yosef
Skimbleshanks Sylvain Mathis
Tantomile Alexandra Girard
Victoria Emmanuelle Guélin (Dance Captain)
Swings Denis Ayzin
Pascale Moe Bruderer
Max Carpentier (from April 2016)
Mélina Mariale (from April 2016)
Virginie Perrier
Charlyne Ribul Conte
Alessandro Ripamonti (Assistant Dance Captain)
Yanis Si Ahmed
Els Smekens
Fabrice Todaro

Gallery Edit

CATS - La bande annonce01:26

CATS - La bande annonce

Production trailer

References Edit


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