Paul Nicholas (born 3 December 1945) is an English actor and singer. He started out with a pop career, but soon changed to musical theatre. Later, in the 1970s, he began a screen career. He returned to the pop charts, starring in the 1983 BBC TV sitcom Just Good Friends, for which he is best known. The show won a BAFTA and Nicholas was also nominated for best comedy performance. After the show ended, he returned to musical theatre and various other entertainment roles including producing and directing.[1]

1981 Biography

Paul Nicholas began his theatrical career in 1969 in the original London production of Hair. This was followed by the leads in Jesus Christ Superstar and Grease.  From there he was invited to play at the Young Vic in several productions including Much Ado About Nothing and Crete and Sergeant Pepper.   After leaving the Young Vic he went to work for the Prospect Theatre Company in their production of Pilgrim, followed very shortly by two plays at the Royal Court – The Innocent Bystanders and Richard O’Brien’s  T Zee and the Lost Race.  His major film credits include Tommy, Stardust, Lisztomania, Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, The World is Full of Married Men, Yesterday’s Hero, Alice and The Jazz Singer.

Television credits include The Season of the Witch, Early Struggles, Two Up Two Down, Chips, The Lady Killers, The Boys From Ipanemaand A Little Rococo.

In 1976 Paul tried his hand at pop-singing and had four Tope Ten hits, including the two million best-seller Heaven on the Seventh Floor in America.

In 1979 Paul went to live in American and Cats is his first stage show since returning.[2]

Cats History

London - 05/1981 - Rum Tum Tugger

London - 05/1982 - Rum Tum Tugger

London - 11/1982 - Rum Tum Tugger