Plato is a cat in the musical Cats.  His name is mentioned in "The Naming of Cats".  Plato's main function in the stage show is as the identity of the actor who also plays Macavity.  Plato originated in the Broadway production, in which many characters were re-named from the original London production.  Most subsequent productions copied Broadway.


Friendly, Easygoing, Protective
Plato varies between productions, ranging from a playful, slightly immature teenage cat, to a quieter, relaxed adult cat. He often hangs around with Tumblebrutus and Pouncival as a younger character, and Alonzo and Cassandra as an adult character. and can be seen playing pranks with them. He idolises the Rum Tum Tugger and sometimes acts like him. He sometimes does the mating dance with Victoria during the Jellicle Ball, which often correlates with his younger, teenage portrayal.


Very good dancer. Ensemble baritone. Pas de deux with good strength in lifts.
Plato is an ensemble dancer who's main role in the show is to double as Macavity. In the Broadway production, Plato played Rumpus Cat as well as Macavity. As Macavity, the performer is required to lift and throw another male dancer, Munkustrap, so Plato is usually particularly tall and strong. He sometimes dances the mating dance with Victoria, so needs strong classical Pas de Deux skills.


Plato has two distinct different designs.  The original Broadway design has a lot of grey and browns, with very few distinctive features apart from white stripes on his thighs. The same basic design was used for Victor in the London production. Photos of Plato are quite rare, as the actor was far more often photographed as Macavity. 

In the 1998 film of Cats, many of the Broadway names were used while the costume designs were the London costumes. Since then, the London design for Admetus is often used for Plato. London-style Plato/Admetus is a ginger/Light Brown and White tom. He has elegant eyeliner/eyebrows and brown 'patches' beneath his brows. He has a white belly with black and ginger tabby patterning, often with similar coloured fur over his shoulders.