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Platoria (Pla/to and Vic/toria) Is the Mates/Friendship pairing in Andrew Lloyd Webber's hit musical Cats.

Other NamesEdit

  • Vicato (Pl/ato and Vic/toria)
  • Plictoria (Pl/ato and V/ictoria)
  • Vato (V/ictoria and Pl/ato)

Platoria Moments (Work in Progress)Edit

  • They officialy mate during the Mating Dance, engaging in the Pas De Deux and nuzzling each other.
  • They are frequently seen together during the show.



Victoria and Plato - HD, from Cats the Musical - the film-001:13

Victoria and Plato - HD, from Cats the Musical - the film-0

Mating Dance

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