Pouncival is a character from Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical, Cats.  T S Eliot liked the name ‘Pouncival’ with its Morte d’Arthur flavour, a portmanteau of "Pounce" and referencing "Sir Percival".  His role is primarily that of a dancer and acrobat. 


Pouncival in most productions, is portrayed as a young, troublesome, fun loving kitten. He is often shown causing trouble or playing around. He is often seen with Tumblebrutus, Electra, Etcetera and the other kittens. In the film, he is shown trouble-making while dressed up as a beetle in "The Gumbie Cat", and bullying Grizabella twice, egged on by Tumblebrutus and Plato.


Dancer with very good classical ballet training. Confident baritone to F. Youthful and not too tall.

The actor playing Pouncival is usually the first understudy for Mistoffelees, and so needs to be a strong ballet dancer as well as a mischievous kitten.

Carbucketty Alternate Edit

In many productions, Pouncival plays the same role as Carbucketty, being one of the youngest kittens, and understudy for Mistoffelees. The same character is known by both names. He first appeared alongside Carbucketty in the Broadway production, and subsequently replaced Carbucketty in most further productions. Since the release of the filmed version of the show, it has become common for the London Carbucketty costume to be used for the role named Pouncival.

Palladium Pouncival Edit

For the 2014 London Palladium production, the cast list includes both Carbucketty and Pouncival. However the character who appears onstage is actually George rather than a double of Carbucketty. This is the version of Pouncival used in the 2016 Broadway Revival as well.


Pouncival is a small, scruffy, Tabby and White kitten, with brown/black stripes and patches and hatching on a silver/grey base. Dependant on production, Pouncival can use one of three basic designs: his original Broadway look that was copied for the German production and others worldwide; a copy of Carbucketty based on the video's use of the London costumes with the Broadway names; or a look based on George since the Palladium production.    

Broadway / Original Pouncival Edit

Film / 2000s Pouncival Edit

George / Palladium Pouncival Edit

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