While Quaxo is sometimes used as an alternative name for Mistoffelees, in some productions Quaxo is a separate character with no connection to Mistoffelees.

Feature Character - BeetleEdit

In productions, notably those based on the Vienna production, Quaxo is the name given to the lead Beetle in The Old Gumbie Cat.  The original choreography gave this role an extended tap solo, making it a featured role similar to "Rumpus Cat".  While in the original London production this solo was performed by Wayne Sleep , in other productions it went to either the ensemble cat named Quaxo, or to Jemima or Rumpleteaser.

Jenny Misto Gumbie Tap L8204 05

Graham Fletcher as Quaxo/Mistoffelees, London 1982

Ensemble CharacterEdit

In some productions, Quaxo is a named male ensemble character. His appearance seems to be based on the Broadway Alonzo costume, which is itself a development from a design originally intended for Quaxo as a character in the original production. However some versions of Quaxo's costume seem more closely related to the Pouncival costume, with more grey than brown tones.

Swing CatEdit

In productions with named swings such as the Australian productions, the name Quaxo is used for a male swing. He is generally a sandy brown and grey, with a distinctive black stripe on his right ear. He can be either a kitten or "tall boy" swing.

Cast Edit

Click HERE for Actors who have played Quaxo as an ensemble character or feature character.

Gallery Edit


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