US Tour - December 8, 2011- June 17, 2012 - Tantomile/Swing

Theatre of the Sea - June 19 - July 12 (?) - Demeter [1]

2012 Winnipeg Free-press interview[2]

"It's an amazing opportunity, because we get more stage time than is normally the case for swings," says Rachel Boone, who plays the psychic cat Tantomile to Lucas Thompson's Coricopat.

"You'll notice them because they always move together," says Boone, a 23-year-old North Carolinian making her debut in this non-union production. 

Boone, born in Germany into a military family, understudies six roles, including Demeter, Rumpleteazer and Bombalurina. Throw in Tantomile and some nights its hard to remember who she's playing.

"It's always a challenge to make sure I'm doing the right role onstage," she says over the telephone during a recent stop in Winnipeg on the tour's way to runs in Saskatoon and Regina before it returns to the concert hall. "There's definitely been times I've gone over to one side of the stage to do one section of choreography and realized that's not the role I'm currently dressed as."

"A lot of parents and grandparents have seen the show and are bringing their children and grandkids," says Boone, who will be with the tour until it wraps this summer. "It's been around for so many years that they've all see it. It's like this experience they want to pass on to a younger generation. I think that's who's coming to see Cats now."


Rachel is a FSU alum.


  • Miracle on 34th Street - Ensemble
  • Guys and Dolls - Performer
  • CATS (Theatre by the Sea) - Demeter/Assistant Choreographer
  • Chicago
  • Xanadu
  • Annie
  • Spring Awakening

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