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Rumpleteazer pearls




Tiger Tabby

Movie Actress

Jo Gibb

Original London Actress

Bonnie Langford

Original Broadway Actress

Christine Langner

Rumpleteazer is a character from Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical, Cats. Her name is spelled many different ways; some using an 's' instead of a 'z' (as in Rumpleteaser), while others swap the letters 'l' and 'e' (as in, Rumpelteazer). Rumpleteazer is used most often.


Rumpleteazer is often shown as an orange, black and white calico or tabby. She wears a string of Woolworths pearls around the bottom of her black-striped, orange neck, which was owned by one of the daughters of the family. She also wears a diamond collar, that may have once been an expensive bracelet from the family Rumpleteazer and Mungojerrie live with and often steal from. In most productions, she also wears a pair of tights and a garter.


She is shown as a young, high-energy,mischievous character. Many productions show her as a teenager or kitten. Rumpleteazer sometimes joins the other kittens as they swoon over Rum Tum Tugger. She is rarely shown doing this in the film, but often in smaller productions. She also will sometimes takes Etcetera's hysterical squealing role if there isn't an Etcetera casted. It is suggested that she live in a house with a family of the middle or upper class. Even though she gets into trouble no one, (cats or humans) seem to hold a grudge on her. 

Rumpleteazer (natural)



Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer (1998 film version)

"Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer. Male-female duo. Strong dancers with acrobatic ability and excellent voices. High baritone for Mungojerrie and high belt for Rumpleteazer. Lots of personality, young, full of energy, impudent and cheeky."

Rumpleteazer can be considered one of the main characters in the show; she shares a song with Mungojerrie (aptly named "Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer") as well as having a role in "The Aweful Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles" in the film. and they both accept Grizabella and wave goodbye to when she enter the Heavside layer to be reborn.


Relationships in the Cats Musical vary based on the individual performances. There are no 'canon' cats relationships and all information in this section is fan speculation based on fan interpretation of the character's relationships.
  • Mungojerrie: It is an issue of much debate among fans as to whether Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer are siblings or mates. Many believe they are twins due to their near identical apperance, while others believe this to be a coincidence.
  • Jellylorum: Some fans believe Jellylorum is Rumpleteazer's mother.
  • Jennyanydots: Some fans believe Jennyanydots is Rumpleteazer's mother.
  • Macavity: Some fans believe Macavity may be Rumpleteazer's father.
  • Skimbleshanks: Some fans believe Skimbleshanks is Rumpleteazer's father.
  • Rum Tum Tugger: Some fans think that she is his sibling or just a fan.


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