This article is about the ensemble character named Sillabub. For information about her alternate, see Jemima.

Sillabub is a supporting character in Cats. She evolved from Jemima, but now has a distinct design and sometimes appears as well as, rather than instead of her.

Personality Edit

Sillabub is sweet, affectionate, innocent, intuitive, and possibly more playful and energetic than Jemima. She is one of the youngest kittens in the tribe and shows compassion for others around her. She is very friendly and welcoming, as well as playful. She is known for her high, clear soprano. Sillabub is attracted to the Rum Tum Tugger and is part of his fan club, and gets carried away screaming like Etcetera does.

Role Edit

Strong dancer, no taller than 5'4”, strong head voice but must be youthful and very pure in timbre, comfortable to F

Sillabub and Jemima Edit

Some productions, notably Australian and Japanese, include both Sillabub and Jemima. In these instances, it is Sillabub who is the soloist who sings in Memory, and Jemima is a less prominent ensemble dancer.

Appearance Edit

Sillabub's costume is usually more cream/brown based than the reddish colours of Jemima. However, since the release of the filmed version of the show, the use of the London-style costumes has increased. However often productions have continued to use the alternate names, leading to Sillabub often looking identical to Jemima. The Japanese version of Sillabub is notably different, being a pale cream/gold cat without any black hatching at all.



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