Cats had its premiere in Stuttgart, Germany on 2nd March 2001. It was the second production in Germany after the Hamburg production had closed in January 2001 after almost 15 years.

Production Specifics Edit

The show was mostly based on the Hamburg production but was slightly influenced by the London/Video version. The lyrics were taken over from Hamburg with a few changes (Rumpus-Katz became Raufbold-Katz; the Heaviside Layer was translated to Sphärisches Licht).

The show was originally supposed to run for 16 months before moving to Düsseldorf. After Stella Entertainment went bankrupt, the Stuttgart production closed at 30th June 2002. Stage Entertainment, the new producer of Cats, decided to bring the show to Berlin and then to Düsseldorf.

Like in Hamburg, the ensemble consisted of 22 cats (with no Electra) with Plato, Sillabub, Pouncival and Tumblebrutus instead of Admetus, Jemima, Carbucketty and Bill Bailey. The costume and make-up designs were carried over from Hamburg.

The Set number was NAP 15 which was previously used for the Antwerp production.

Creative Team Edit

Director: David Taylor

Associate Choreographer: Jo-Anne Robinson (after Gillian Lynne)

Original Choreographer: Gillian Lynne

Dance Supervisor: Terrie Robinson

Associate Scenic Designer: Raymond Huessy (after John Napier)

Associate Lighting Designer: Howard Eaton (after David Hersey)

Musical Director: Klaus Wilhelm

Musical Supervisor: Phil Edwards

Dance Captain: Tim van der Straeten

Translation: Sabine Grohmann, Mark Henning, John Baer

Cast Edit

Role Cast
March 2001
Alonzo / Rumpus Katz Bas Leijendekker
Asparagus / Bustopher Mürr Kelly Robertson
Bombalurina Melanie Phillipson
Cassandra Christine Haaga
Coricopat Akos Tihanyi
Demeter Tanja-Maria Meier
Grizabella Nicole Sieger
Jellylorum / Griddlebone Wiebke Wötzel
Jenny Fleckenfell / Gumbie Katz Tersia Potgieter
Mistoffelees Juan Jiminez Sanchez
Mungojerrie Enrique Segura
Munkustrap Siegmar Tonk
Old Deuteronomy Jonathan Agar
Plato / Macavity Markus Simander
Pouncival Wayne Norris
Rum Tum Tugger Thierry Gondet
Rumpleteazer Kristi Mancini
Sillabub Emma King
Skimbleshanks Anthony Kirwan
Tantomile Nikki Dyer
Tumblebrutus Daymon Montaigne-Jones
Victoria Nicole Thomas

Swings not listed

Stuttgart Group 2

The original cast

Role Cast
November 2001
Alonzo / Rumpus Katz David Boyd
Asparagus / Bustopher Mürr Kelly Robertson
Bombalurina Ellen Wawrzyniak
Cassandra Christine Haaga
Coricopat Jamie Karitzis
Demeter Ramona Ludwig
Grizabella Roimata Templeton
Grizabella Maryanne Kelly
Jellylorum / Griddlebone Marion Wilmer
Jenny Fleckenfell / Gumbie Katz Tersia Potgieter
Mistoffelees Juan Jiminez Sanchez
Mungojerrie Angus Macmillan
Munkustrap Alexander Wengel
Old Deuteronomy Jonathan Agar
Plato / Macavity Ray Hogg
Pouncival Giuliano Mercoli
Rum Tum Tugger Rob Fowler
Rumpleteazer Angela Gee
Sillabub Emma King
Skimbleshanks Cary Chennell
Tantomile Fiona Watters
Tumblebrutus Daymon Montaigne-Jones
Victoria Souzan Alavi
Swing Brian Bowley
Swing Rachael Crocker
Swing Paul Channon
Swing Andrew John Gardner
Swing Cara Hamilton
Swing Marc Leslie
Swing Steven Loss
Swing Roberto Miguel Macho
Swing Louise Madison
Swing Kristi Mancini
Swing Tanja-Maria Meier
Swing Andrew Millar
Swing Nadeshda Solovjovoa
Swing Leighton Morrison
Swing Fabrizio Romagnoli
Swing Jonathan Tilley

Media Edit

Rob Fowler as Tugger04:09

Rob Fowler as Tugger

Rob Fowler as Tugger

Cats Stuttgart - Rum Tum Tugger - Thierry Gondet07:24

Cats Stuttgart - Rum Tum Tugger - Thierry Gondet

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