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Cats had its Australian premiere at the Theatre Royal in Sydney. The production in Sydney ran from 26th July 1985 till 1st August 1987 before moving to Melbourne.

Production Specifics Edit

The show was somewhat based on the Broadway version of the show, with a cast that consisted of 22 cats (there was no Electra). Also the characters had their American names - Sillabub, Tumblebrutus, Plato and Pouncival. Unlike the Broadway production, Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer sang their own song rather than Mistoffelees narrating. Also the costumes and make-up had their own style, which was used for almost all Asian and Australian productions.

The show moved to Her Majesty's Theatre in Melbourne in 1987 with a partly new cast.

The Australian version of the show was the base for the Hamburg production which became one of Germany's most successful musicals and had the same production team, including David Taylor as the director and Jo-Anne Robinson as Associate Choreographer.

Creative Team Edit

Au85 Demeter Cass

Director: David Taylor (after Trevor Nunn)

Choreographer: Gillian Lynne

Assistant Choreographer: Jo-Anne Robinson

Set Designer: Raymond Huessy (after John Napier )

Production Musical Director: Tony Hatch

Producers: Cameron Mackintosh, Really Useful Company, Adelaide Festive Centre, Challenge Corporate Services and MLC Theatre Royal

Au85 Griz

Debbie Byrne as Grizabella

Cast Edit

Alonzo / Rumpus Cat Stephen Holford
Asparagus / Bustopher Jones Grant Smith
Bombalurina Kerry Woods
Cassandra Nadia Strahan
Coricopat Geoffrey Jenkins
Demeter Robyn Forsythe
Grizabella Debbie Byrne
Jellylorum / Griddlebone Marina Prior
Jennyanydots Pat Piney
Mistoffelees David Atkins
Mungojerrie Garry Ginivan
Munkustrap Anthony O'Keeffe
Old Deuteronomy John Wood
Plato / Macavity Bruce MacArthur
Pouncival Jess Jiminez
Rum Tum Tugger Jeff Phillips
Rumpleteazer Laura Bishop
Sillabub Anita Louise Combe
Skimbleshanks John Hackett
Tantomile Roula Kanta
Tumblebrutus Stewart Crowley
Victoria Greta Thomas
Cats Chorus Mark Bradley
Cats Chorus Adey Grummet
Cats Chorus Avigail Herman
Cats Chorus Ian White
Swing Edwina Cox
Swing Graciano Debeljuh
Swing Rodney Glenn-Smith
Swing Marianne Howard
Swing Hilton Jones
Swing Leanne O'Farrell
Swing Leonie Page
Swing Glen Walsh

Cast Recording Edit

A cast recording, conducted by Peter Casey, had been released in 1985. It's the only English recording of Cats that includes 'The Awful Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles'.

Gallery Edit

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