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Tantomile is a character in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats. She, along with Coricopat, are the mystical twins.


Along with Coricopat, who is usually portrayed as her twin, or her mate.Tantomile is believed to be a psychic. They are often the first to sense changes, such as the approach of Old Deuteronomy or Grizabella. She is mysterious and quiet, staying mostly with Coricopat, and Cassandra or Exotica in the film. As with almost all the other girls, she is attracted to the Rum Tum Tugger.

Appearance Edit

Tantomile's costume is generally near identical to Coricopat's, with the exception of her red lipstick. Her costume is striped and hatched to suggest tabby markings and echo the clouded moon featured on the set.

Tantomile is usually portrayed as a young adult, adult, or older cat, depending on the performance.

Role Edit

"Strong dancer with good ballet training"

Tantomile is principally a dancing role. She shares most of her lines with Coricopat, with the exception of her line in Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats in the 1998 movie. She also tries to touch Grizabella to accept her back into the tribe and waves goodbye to her when she is going to the Heaviside layer to be reborn.

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Trivia Edit

  • In the production of cats in Japan, Tantomile is named Cassandra and vice versa.

Fandom Edit

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