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London set 2

John Napier in front of the Original London stage.

The design of most productions is based on the original London set, designed by John Napier. Thereafter, the original set was rebuilt (by Raymond Huessy or Alan Walker for most of the time) for many different productions all over the world. This is a list of all known sets and the productions they were used for.

Some productions, notably the Japanese productions, do not use the numberplate to identify their sets, and so are not included in this list.


Original Set. Used for: Original London Production. Maintained by Kimpton Walker Ltd / Alan Walker.

London 1981-2002Edit

New London Theatre, London

NAP 2Edit

Used for: New York 1982-2000. Produced by Raymond Huessy and John Napier.

Broadway 1982-2000Edit

Winter Garden Theater, New York

NAP 3Edit

Used for: Vienna 1983-1990. Recreated by John Napier himself.

Vienna 1983-1990Edit

NAP 7Edit

Used for: Toronto 1985-1987. Reproduced by Raymond Huessy.

Toronto 1985-1987Edit

NAP 08Edit

Used for: Sydney 1985-1987. Reproduced by Raymond Huessy.

Sydney 1985-1987Edit

HH NAP 9Edit

Used for: Hamburg 1986-2001. Reproduced by Raymond Huessy.

Hamburg 1986-2001Edit


Used for: Melbourne 1987-1989

Melbourne 1987-1989Edit

NAP 11Edit

Used for: US Tour III , US Tour V. Reproduced by Raymond Huessy

US Tour IIIEdit

US Tour VEdit

NAP 11AEdit

Used for: US Tour V. Reproduced by Raymond Huessy. Inflatable set.

US Tour VEdit

NAP 12 (Amsterdam)Edit

Used for: Amsterdam. Reproduced by Paul Gallis.

Amsterdam 1987, 1988, 1992Edit

NAP 12 (UK) Edit

Used for: UK Tour I, Zürich and Euro Tour. Reproduced by Raymond Huessy.

UK Tour 1989Edit

Zurich 1991-1993Edit

NAP 14 (Paris)Edit

Used for: Paris 1989-1990. Reproduced by Paul Gallis.

Paris 1989-1990Edit

NAP 14 (UK) Edit

Used for: UK Tour II. Reproduced by Raymond Huessy

UK Tour 1993-1995Edit

NAP 15 / TSE 1Edit

Used for: Antwerp 1996, Filmed Production 1997, Stuttgart 2001, Berlin 2002-2004, Düsseldorf 2004-2005, German Tour 2005-2006. Reproduced by Raymond Huessy. When Cats transferred from Stuttgart to Berlin, Christoph Weyers altered and updated the set. The plate also reads "HUESSY 11" in smaller text beneath. 

Antwerp 1996Edit

Film 1997Edit

For the filmed production, they changed the number plate to TSE 1 because of the writer T.S. Eliot. However, on some shots the NAP 15 plate is used. The film was recorded in 1997, and released in 1998. The video set was actually mixed from different sets, mostly from NAP 14 and NAP 15.

Stuttgart 2001-2002Edit

Berlin 2002-2004Edit

Düsseldorf 2004-2005Edit

German Tour 2005-2006Edit

NAP 16Edit

Used for: UK Tour III, Brazil 2010, UK Tour IV. Reproduced by Raymond Huessy. As well as NAP 16 in bold letters, the numberplate also reads "HUESSY12" in much smaller text beneath. The initials at the top have been altered during the run. Produced by Scena Pro

UK Tour 2003-2009Edit

Brazil 2010Edit

UK Tour 2013-2014Edit

NAP 17Edit

Used for: Madrid 2003-2005, Moscow 2005-2006, Dutch Tour 2006-2007. Reproduced by Christoph Weyers. Also reads "WEYERS 2" in smaller text beneath. It also reads "AW" for Alan Walker.

Madrid 2003-2005Edit

Moscow 2005-2006Edit

Dutch Tour 2006-2007Edit

NAP 18Edit

Used for: Royal Carribean/Oasis of the Seas Production. Reproduced by Alan Walker.

Oasis of the Seas 2014-2020 Edit

NAP 19Edit

Used for: German Tent Tour 2010-2013. Reproduced by Alan Walker.

German Tent Tour 2010-2013 Edit

NAP 70Edit

For the 2014 London Palladium production, a new set has been created using modified elements mostly from NAP 19 but also from NAP 16 and new material. In initial press reports the licence plate was mentioned as reading "NAP 19", however by the first previews it read "NAP 70", presumably in honour of John Napier's 70th birthday. The plate also reads "Gritty Kitty G.B."

The set has been used at the London Palladium and the Blackpool Opera House. It has been created under the supervision of Alan Walker.

Used for: London 2014, Blackpool/London 2015, Broadway 2016

London 2014-2015 Edit

Blackpool 2015 Edit

London 2015-2016 Edit

Broadway 2016 Edit

For the Broadway production, the set has been slightly altered by Alan Walker who originally created this set.

NAP 70 (Paris) Edit

For the 2015 Paris production, Alan Walker created a full replica of the London Palladium set which even reads the same sign on the number plate (NAP 70 - Gritty Kitty GB).

Paris 2015-2016 Edit

NAP 15 (Australia) Edit

This set was previously used for Australian-based productions like the Asia-Pacific Tour (2007-2010) and the Asian Tour (2014-2015). It used to have different plates for each venue the tour visited (e.g. J-AR 12). For the 2015/2016 Australia/New Zealand Tour, which is based on the London Palladium production, the plate was changed to "NAP 15" (year 2015) although it's not the same set as the previous "NAP 15" set that was used in Belgium, Germany and Switzerland,.

AU/NZ Tour 2015-2016 Edit

NAP 13R Edit

Used for: UK/Europe Tour 2016. Created under the supervision of Alan Walker. The number plate features "NAP13R" which is used for a model of the junkyard shown in the John Napier exhibition. Shows the "Gritty Kitty" in smaller letters beneath.

UK Tour 2016 Edit

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