Thomas Paton is a theatre actor, dancer, and choreographer who portrayed Mistoffelees in London.

He danced with the Royal Ballet for many seasons and appeared in numerous West End shows, including Grease and Beauty and the Beast.

Cats HistoryEdit

London - 06/1994 - Mistoffelees

London - 11/1994 - Mistoffelees

London - 04/1995 - Mistoffelees

London - 10/1995 - Mistoffelees

London - 04/2000 - Swing

London - 05/2001 - Swing

Gallery Edit

Videos Edit

The Old Gumbie Cat - Dress Rehearsal - London, 199406:13

The Old Gumbie Cat - Dress Rehearsal - London, 1994

Thomas Paton singing as Mistoffelees.

Mr Mistoffelees - Rehearsal - 1994, London05:24

Mr Mistoffelees - Rehearsal - 1994, London. 1994

Out-of-costume rehearsal. Thomas Paton as Mistoffelees.

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