• Welcome to the Wiki!  I can see you're very motivated and keen to help out, that's great!  

    However, can you please take care with accuracy when making changes to the articles, and please consider that what you think is needed may be a subjective matter?  For example, the Broadway set is literally the Palladium set for the most part, with a few extra pieces swapped in - this has been confirmed by cast members as well as visual evidence.  The Palladium set was shipped over to New York, and the UK Tour is running on a new build. 

    Also the majority of the Broadway costumes - all the "Basic" unitard/wig/warmers/tails costumes - were made in the UK, which is why they are identical to the Palladium/UK Tour costumes barring Jennyanydots' spots, and Tugger's opening number costume.  The New York company built the "Featured" costumes - Old Deut's coat, Gumbie Tap, Tugger's full costume, the Gumbie Cat pieces etc. Unfortunately for the sake of clarity, there isn't one single company name to refer to the UK makers, it's a series of small studios who do the work.

    I appreciate you are trying to simplify and clarify the information in the article, but it is important to retain enough detail to be accurate!  We're always open to ideas about re-structuring information, we can discuss how better to present the information on this site, but I think it is vital that we are as accurate and expansive as possible on this wiki.  We have all the space we could want to include details!

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    • Sorry for the late reply - I was unaware of that information. I guess my sources were wrong... Thanks for the info!


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