Cats toured Canada throughout the mid-late 1980s. Produced by Marlene Smith and Tina VanderHeyden in a theatre owned by the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Culture, the production followed the Broadway production closely. The production is credited for having kick-started Canada's commercial Musical Theatre scene.

Creative Team

Associate Director: David Taylor (after Trevor Nunn)

Associate Choreographer: T. Michael Reed (after Gillian Lynne)

Associate Scenic Designer: Raymond Huessy (after John Napier)

Associate Lighting Designer: Robert Bosworth (after David Hersey)

Production Musical Director: Stanley Lebowsky

Musical Director: Paul Bogaev

Assistant Director and Dance Supervisor: Madeline Paul

Producer: MTE Productions - Marlene Smith and Tina VanderHeyden

Tour Dates

Cats ran for two years at the Elgin Theater in Toronto, and then went to Montréal for a 19-week run, followed by a tour of Western Canada and a second Toronto run at Massey Hall starting on Sept. 2, 1989, where it ran for several months. It had total office receipts of $78 million from almost 2 million tickets, making it the most successful Canadian stage production ever. [1]

Elgin Theatre, Toronto - March 14, 1985 - March 15, 1987

Montreal (First Canadian Tour) - June 1987 - January 1988

Western Canada Tour (Second Canadian Tour) - June 1988 - September 1988

Massey Hall, Toronto (Third Canadian Tour) - January 1989 - August 1989


Producer and Cast Interview[2] - also referring to 2013 Regional production

Coricopat: Gino Berti

Jellylorum / Griddlebone / Jennyanydots: Susan Cuthbert - Interview with Susan Cuthbert, also referring to 2013 regional production[3]

Old Deuteronomy - Jimmie Earl Perry[4]


Undated Cast
Alonzo Timothy French
Asparagus / Bustopher Jones Sandy Winsby
Bombalurina Susan Gattoni
Cassandra Lyne Tremblay
Coricopat Stelio Calagias
Demeter Barbara Fulton
Grizabella Kathy Michael McGlynn
Jellylorum / Griddlebone Thea MacNeil
Jennyanydots Mary Trainor
Mistoffelees Alexandre Beaulieu
Mungojerrie Gerard Michael McIssac
Munkustrap Barry Wood
Old Deuteronomy David Walden
Plato / Macavity / Rumpus Cat Lloyd Adams
Pouncival Michael Arnold
Rumpleteazer Lorena Cingolani
Rum Tum Tugger Greg Bond
Sillabub Janet Martin
Skimbleshanks Larry Herbert
Tantomile Sonja Kathleen McGirr
Tumblebrutus Todd Noel
Victoria Donna Kelly

Booth Singers/Understudies: Susan Cuthbert, Colleen Winton, Claude Hebert, Rudy Webb

Additional Cast: Skimbleshanks - Hallam Banfield


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