Following the end of the limited run at the Palladium in January 2016, Cats began a UK / European Tour, starting in Manchester at the end of January 2016. The set uses the number plate "NAP 13R".

The production toured the UK, as well as engagements in Italy and Switzerland in 2016. In 2017 and 2018 the same production has stops in the Middle East, Asia as well as European venues, with no UK tour dates announced. The production continues to be performed in English. The 2018 leg of the tour will begin in Hong Kong, and include visits to 13 Chinese cities, before returning to Europe at the end of 2018.

Production Specifics

This production uses a new touring set, "NAP 13R", which is somewhat flatter and more readily transportable than the previous UK Tour set "NAP 16". Rather than using a staircase, or "flying saucer", to transport Grizabella to the Heaviside Layer, this production uses a flying harness and she ascends apparently unaided.

In terms of material performed, the 2016 run of this tour followed closely to the Palladium revisions, with Street Cat Tugger, glamorous Grizabella, the Bill Deamer choreographed tap number. The production cut "Pouncival" from the cast list, however used the Pouncival/George costume, as well as two distinct Electra costumes, as swing costumes.

UKTour2016 Crew1

January 2016 UK Tour cast

Changes Within the 2016 Run

Towards the end of 2016 small changes were introduced, including the ensemble echoing Demeter's alarmed cry of "Macavity?!". Similar small changes were introduced to the previous UK Tour as they prepared for the major changes involved in the Palladium production.

Changes for the 2017 Run

For the 2017 run, the production title was renamed from "UK/Europe Tour" to "International Tour". The Street Cat Tugger was reverted to the original Rockstar version and Growltiger's Last Stand was cut completely. "Pekes and Pollicles" is moved from Act 1, and replaced by a short "Macavity" preview, before the Jellicle Ball. "Pekes and Pollicles" replaces ""Growltiger's Last Stand", as a performance by Gus, Munkustrap, and the ensemble. The reprise of "Gus, the Theatre Cat" that followed "Growltiger's Last Stand", as the audience were brought out of the flashback and back into the present, is cut, as this version of "Pekes and Pollicles" is not a flashback scene; it's when Gus gets to play the Great Rumpus Cat one last time, just to entertain Old Deuteronomy.



City Theatre Dates
Manchester, England Opera House 30th January - 13th February 2016
Genoa, Italy Teatro Carlo Felice 18th February - 21st February 2016
Turin, Italy Teatro Regio 25th February - 28th February 2016
Milan, Italy Teatro degli Arcimboldi 2nd March - 6th March 2016
Bari, Italy Teatro Petruzzelli 10th March - 13th March 2016
Bologna, Italy Unipol Arena 17th March - 20th March 2016
Basel, Switzerland Musical Theater Basel 19th April - 22nd April 2016
Birmingham, England Hippodrome 30th May - 4th June 2016
Ipswich, England Regent Theatre 6th June - 11th June 2016
Leeds, England Grand Theatre 20th June - 2nd July 2016
Edinburgh, Scotland Playhouse Theatre 4th July - 9th July 2016
Liverpool, England Liverpool Empire 11th July - 16th July 2016
Southend, England Cliffs Pavilion 18th July - 23rd July 2016
Nottingham, England Theatre Royal 26th July - 6th August 2016
Southampton, England Mayflower Theatre 9th August - 20th August 2016
Eastbourne, England Congress Theatre 22nd August - 27th August 2016
Torquay, England Princess Theatre 29th August - 3rd September 2016
Stoke on Trent, England Regent Theatre 5th September - 10th September 2016
Glasgow, Scotland Kings Theatre 13th September - 17th September 2016
Sunderland, England Sunderland Empire 19th September - 24th September 2016
Oxford, England New Theatre 27th September - 1st October 2016
Sheffield, England Lyceum Empire 3rd October - 15th October 2016
Milton Keynes, England MK Theatre 24th October - 29th October 2016
Wimbledon, England New Wimbledon 7th November - 12th November 2016
Budapest, Hungary SYMA Event Centre 17th November - 19th November 2016


City Theatre Dates
Dubai, UAE Dubai Opera 16th January - 28th January 2017
Doha, Qatar Qatar National Convention Center 1st February - 4th February 2017
Kuwait City, Kuwait Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre 9th February - 12th February 2017
Zagreb, Croatia Arena Zagreb 22nd March - 24th March 2017
Antwerp, Belgium Koningin Elizabethzaal 29th March - 17th April 2017
Lausanne, Switzerland Théâtre de Beaulieu 25th April - 7th May 2017
Sofia, Bulgaria National Palace of Culture 11th May - 13th May 2017
Warsaw, Poland Torwar Arena 18th May 2017
Munich, Germany Deutsches Theater 18th July - 6th August 2017
Berlin, Germany Admiralspalast 9th August - 19th August 2017
Frankfurt am Main, Germany Alte Oper 23rd August - 27th August 2017
Baden-Baden, Germany Festspielhaus 29th August - 3rd September 2017
Bremen, Germany Musical Theater 5th September - 10th September 2017
Duisburg, Germany Theater am Marientor 12th September - 17th September 2017
Oslo, Norway Oslo Spektrum 21st September - 23rd September 2017
Gothenburg, Sweden Scandinavium 28th September - 30th September 2017
Stockholm, Sweden Ericsson Globe 5th October - 8th October 2017
Malmö, Sweden Malmö Arena 12th October - 15th October 2017
Helsinki Hartwall Arena 19th October - 22nd October 2017
Copenhagen, Denmark Royal Arena 25th October - 29th October 2017
Horsens, Denmark Forum Horsens 1st November - 5th November 2017
Cologne, Germany Musical Dome 8th November - 26th November 2017

2018 - 2019

City Theatre Dates
Hong Kong, Hong Kong Lyric Theatre, HKAPA 6th January - 11th February 2018
Taichung, China Taichung National Opera Theater 1st March - 4th March
Tainan, China Tainan Cultural Center Auditorium 8th March - 11th March
Taipei, China National University Auditorium 15 March - 18th March
City Theatre Dates
Shenzhen, China Nanshan Culture Sports Theatre 5th April - 13th April
Shanghai, China SAIC Shanghai Culture Square 7th June - 30th June 2018
Beijing, China Beijing Century Theater 21st September - 7th October 2018
Amsterdam, Netherlands RAI Theater 23rd December - 13th January 2019
Rotterdam, Netherlands Luxor Theater 15th January - 27th January 2019
Breda, Netherlands Chassé Theater 17th April - 21st April 2019

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Breath-taking live singing performances of "Memory" by Joanna Ampil (plays Grizabella) and "Mungojerrie & Rumpelteazer" by Billy Mahoney & Naoimh Morgan (plays Mungojerrie & Rumpelteazer respectively) during today's CATS media launch! CATS HK season Tickets: [1]


Initial cast list announcements listed Rebecca Parker as playing Bombalurina, however from the first performance the role was covered by Megan Armstrong, initially a swing in the production.

January 2016
Character Performer
Admetus / Macavity Javier Cid
Alonzo / Rumpus Cat Josh Andrews
Asparagus / Bustopher Jones Greg Castiglioni
Bill Bailey Aaron Hunt
Bombalurina Megan Armstrong
Carbucketty Enric Marimon
Cassandra Danielle Cato
Coricopat James Titchener
Demeter Helen Turner
Grizabella (Jan - Mar) Anita Louise Combe
Grizabella (Mar-April) Joanna Ampil
Grizabella (May onwards) Marianne Benedict
Jellylorum Celia Graham
Jemima Phoebe Lewis
Jennyanydots Lucinda Shaw
Mistoffelees Shiv Rabheru
Mungojerrie Joe Henry
Munkustrap Matt Krzan
Old Deuteronomy Kevin Stephen-Jones
Rumpelteazer Emily Langham
Rum Tum Tugger Marcquelle Ward
Skimbleshanks Lee Greenaway
Tantomile Gabrielle Cocca
Victoria Sophia McAvoy
Swing Lydia Bannister
Swing Lucy Brushett
Swing Alice Cornwell
Swing Connor McAllister
Swing Dane Quixall
Swing Oliver Ramsdale
Swing Guy Salim

Hannah Kenna Thomas returned to the show to cover as Victoria for several shows in September 2016.

October 24th onwards: Admetus - Ashley-Jordan Packer, Alonzo - Fletcher Dobinson

January 2017
Character Performer
Admetus / Macavity Jak Allen-Anderson
Alonzo / Rumpus Cat Robin Lake
Asparagus / Bustopher Jones Tony McGill
Bill Bailey Aaron Hunt
Bombalurina Charlie Johnson
Carbucketty Enric Marimon
Joel Morris (March - May 2017)
Cassandra Natalie Bennyworth
Coricopat Fletcher Dobinson
Demeter Agnes Pure
Grizabella Joanna Ampil
Jellylorum Charlotte Scott
Jemima Grace Swaby
Jennyanydots Joanna Lee Martin
Mistoffelees Daniel Corthorn (January - March 2017)
Axel Alvarez (March - May 2017)
Robbie McMillan (from July 2017)
Mungojerrie Joe Henry
Munkustrap Matt Krzan
Old Deuteronomy John Ellis
Adam Linstead (August injury cover)
Barry Haywood (September injury cover)
Rumpelteazer Meg Astin
Rum Tum Tugger Pepe Muñoz (until injured Feb 2017)
John Brannoch (from July 2017)
Skimbleshanks Lee Greenaway
Tantomile Eilish Harmon-Beglan
Victoria Sophia McAvoy
Swing Alice Cornwell
Swing Alexandra Girard
Swing Nathan Johnson
Swing Nell Martin
Swing Dane Quixall
Swing Oliver Ramsdale (March - May 2017)
Walking Understudy Jordan Castle
January 2018
Character Performer
Admetus / Macavity Bradley Andrew
Alonzo Robin Lake
Asparagus / Bustopher Jones Tony McGill
Bill Bailey Dean Ambrose
Bombalurina Rory Furey-King
Carbucketty Bruce Aguilar-Rohan
Cassandra Nell Martin
Coricopat Fletcher Dobinson
Demeter Ella Nonini
Grizabella Joanna Ampil
Jellylorum Elizabeth Futter
Jemima Grace Swaby
Jennyanydots Ceili O'Connor
Mistoffelees Alex Harrison
Mungojerrie Billy Mahoney
Munkustrap Gregor Stewart
Old Deuteronomy John Ellis
Rumpelteazer Naoimh Morgan
Rum Tum Tugger John Brannoch
Skimbleshanks Matthew Rowland
Tantomile Eilish Harmon-Beglan
Victoria Gabrielle Parker
Swing Gemma Buckingham
Swing Thalia Burt
Swing Nathan Johnson
Swing Dane Quixall
Walking Understudy Jordan Castle


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