The most recent US Touring production was staged by the non-Equity Troika Productions and ran from 2001 - 2012.  The tour set a grueling pace, often stopping only one night in a location, and performing two, sometimes three shows per stop.[1]

Production Specifics

As a production descended from Broadway, it resembled that show more than the London/Video look favoured by European productions. The production ran without the "Pekes and Pollicles" number, and a reduced cast of 20 - for the majority of the run Coricopat and Tantomile were not included.

The costumes used for the run were made by Troika's in-house costume department, and have a distinctive pale, bright look to the designs.


Cats-Eye LLC. presents:

Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Orchestrations by Andrew Lloyd Webber and David Cullen.

Lighting Design by David Hersey. Lighting Adapted by Rick Belzer.

Set and Costumes Designed by John Napier. Scenic Design Reproduced by Raymond Huessy.

Casting by Dave Clemmons

Musical Supervisor Kristen Blodgette. Sound by Mark Norfolk , Gaston Briski. Musical Director Jonathan W Gorst.

Original Associate Director and Choreographer Gillian Lynne

Original Director Trevor Nunn

Directed and Choreographed for the Tour by Richard Stafford.

2009 11-cast-members Colombia 1

Cast, November 2009, Bogota, Colombia

Tour Dates

  • 23rd August 2004 - Santurce, Puerto Rico[2]
  • June 2005 - Billings, Montana[1]
  • August 2005 - Puebla, Mexico[3]
  • 3rd October 2006 - Arena Santiago, Chile[4]
  • 2007 - 2008 25th Anniversary US Tour dates[5]
  • 19 November 2009 - Bogota, Colombia[6]

2012 Tour Dates


Date Venue Location
Dec. 27-Jan. 1, 2012 San Jose Center for the Performing Arts San Jose, CA
Jan. 10-15, 2012 Civic Theatre San Diego, CA
Jan. 17-22, 2012 Segestrom Center for the Arts Costa Mesa, CA
Jan. 31-Feb. 5, 2012 Majestic Theatre San Antonio, TX
Feb. 13, 2012 Heymann Performing Arts Center Lafayette, LA
Feb. 15, 2012 Historic Fox Theatre Hutchinson, KS
Feb. 17-19, 2012 Orpheum Theatre Omaha, NE
Feb. 22-26, 2012 Northern Alberta Jubilee Edmonton, AB
Mar. 5, 2012 Wicomico Center Salisbury, MD
Mar. 6, 2012 Colonial Theatre Keene, NH
Mar. 8, 2012 Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center Johnstown, PA
Mar. 9-10, 2012 American Musical Theatre Lancaster, PA
Mar. 11, 2012 Forum Theatre Binghamton, NY
Mar. 13-14, 2012 Living Arts Centre Mississauga, ON
Mar. 16-18, 2012 Overture Center Madison, WI
Mar. 19, 2012 Rialto Square Theatre Joliet, IL
Mar. 21, 2012 Eisenhower Theatre State College, PA
Mar. 24-25, 2012 TCU Place Saskatoon, SK
Mar. 27-29, 2012 Conexus Arts Centre Regina, SK
Mar. 30-Mar. 31, 2012 Centennial Centre Winnipeg, MB
Apr. 10-15, 2012 Queen Elizabeth Theatre Vancouver, BC
Apr. 17-22, 2012 Paramount Theatre Seattle, WA
May 1-6,2012 Cadillac Palace Theatre Chicago, IL
May 9-10, 2012 Hamilton Place Theatre Hamilton, ON
May 13, 2012 Southern Kentucky PAC Bowling Green, KY
Jun. 15-17, 2012 DeVos Hall Grand Rapids, MI

2001 Cast

December 2001 Cast
Role Cast
Alonzo Ronnie Nelson
Asparagus / Bustopher Jones William Hartery
Bombalurina Sharon Huneycutt
Cassandra Melissa Elizabeth Emrico
Demeter Jessica Lea Patty
Grizabella Gretchen Goldsworthy
Jellylorum Wendi Bergamini
Jennyanydots Julie Garnyé
Mistoffelees McCree O'Kelley
Mungojerrie / Genghis Bryce Bermingham
Munkustrap Grant Turner
Old Deuteronomy Jarrett Alí Boyd
Plato / Macavity Everett Taylor
Pouncival David A. Blonn
Rumpelteazer Pamela Rainey
Rum Tum Tugger Stan Stanley
Sillabub Katie Ann Wanner
Skimbleshanks Warren Freeman
Tumblebrutus Brian Collier
Victoria Shylo Smith
Swing Singer Female Nicole Johndrow
Swing Singer Male Don Adkins
Swing Big Boys Colin Cunliffe
Swing Big Boys Mike Ericson
Male Swing Karl Warden
Male Kitten Swing A Ross Cornell
Female Tall Swing Erin Braithwaite
Female Kitten Swing Susanna Hirst

North Shore Musical Theatre - July 2003 - Several roles reprised.

2005-2006 25th Anniversary National Tour Cast

2005 August Puebla Mexico cast

Cast, August 2005, Puebla, Mexico

2007-2008 25th Anniversary National Tour Cast

October 14 - June 29

Role Cast
Alonzo Will Sweet
Asparagus / Bustopher Jones / Growltiger Christopher E. Sidoli
Bombalurina Bethany Moore
Cassandra Julie Nelson
Demeter Kendal Hartse/Meghan Starr
Grizabella Tricia Tanguy
Jellylorum / Griddlebone Anissa Hartline / Kendall Kelly
Jennyanydots Cara Michelle Fish
Macavity / Plato Daniel A. Rysak
Mistoffelees Chris Mackenthun
Mungojerrie / Genghis Andrew Parker Greenwood
Munkustrap Justin Huebener
Old Deuteronomy Seth Lerner
Pouncival Joshua Schulteis
Rum Tum Tugger Zander Meisner
Rumpleteazer Kristy Cavanaugh
Sillabub Sari Feldman
Skimbleshanks Felix Hess
Tumblebrutus Andy Mills
Victoria Melinda Hall/Sara Reardon/Molly Winter Stewart
Swing Cara Noel Antosca
Swing Andrew DiConcetto
Swing Jillian Dierking
Swing Dann Dunn
Swing Andrew Hodge
Swing Eva Kosmowski
Swing Brad Landers
Swing Nathan Morgan
Swing Steve Riggle
Swing Shannon Lea Smith

2008-2009 National Tour Cast

Role Cast
US Tour Cats 12

2009-2010 National Tour Cast

October 13 - August 8

Role Cast

Swings: Erin Chupinsky, Jennifer Cohen, Daniel Dawson, Aubrey Elson, Michael Fatica, Felix Hess, Lucy Horton, Eva Kosmowski, Brad Landers, Allison Little, Nathan Morgan, Michael J. Rios.

2010-2011 National Tour Cast

November 5 - June 19

Role Cast

2011-2012 National Tour Cast

December 8 - June 17

Role Cast



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