I'm four days away from getting the 'Two Weeks on the Wiki' badge (which would be awesome for my already massive self esteem (see; ego)) when I forget to update one day, and suddenly I have to start again.

Four days in, I do it again. Grrr!

Doesn't this site have some kind of qeueing method or something, like Tumblr? You know, where you can make up a list of posts set to post every few hours/minutes/days while you're away from your computer?

That would be really helpful. That way I could write up a heap of pages, Qeue them, and then work on the wiki without worrying about updating every day. Because, you know, outside stuff requires my attention sometimes.

... is this even what these blogs are for? Regardless, I will continue to bitch on them. >.<

Ava Nova

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