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  • Belle pullman

    Mandatory Sign In?

    October 26, 2017 by Belle pullman

    The wiki offers the option to disable anonymous edits - we've been getting a lot of edits that aren't vandalism as such, but since the user isn't signed in, communication is impossible.  Do we get enough useful "drive-by" edits from anonymous users to make it worth leaving the wiki editable anonymously?  Or should we switch to signed in edits only?  

    the big advantages of signing in are accountability/building a profile, and communication.  The big disadvantage is forgotten/lost details, that extra hassle that might prevent people contributing.  But then that's also an advantage as that little bit of hassle means less casual vandalism?  Not that it's much of a problem, but we could prevent the little we do get.

    I'm inclined to turn the wiki …

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  • Belle pullman

    Infoboxes - Actors

    September 10, 2017 by Belle pullman

    I...  I have no idea what's gone wrong.  The original Actor infobox seems to have deleted when I followed instructions to migrate it, and I've made up a replacement but when I try to use it in an article it comes up as having no fields to enter.  Manually copying the code works however.  

    I'm getting more than a little frustrated at it not working and not indicating WHY it's not working!

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  • Belle pullman

    Style Guide

    May 10, 2017 by Belle pullman

    I'm sure there's cleverer ways of doing this - but best, simplest way I can work out to create a style guide is to have certain pages worked up as the models, and then to copy that formatting for all pages of that type.  So, for each production, musical number, character, performer etc....  one highlighted page that's as close to perfect as we can get. There's some standard wiki formatting elements we need to consider whether or not we want to employ - such as whether to only use a wikilink once per article.  For example, on Rumpleteazer's page, we don't need to link every time Mungojerrie is mentioned!  But we also don't want readers to be searching for the links when they need them.  

    We also need to be practical - we've over 2000 perform…

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  • Belle pullman

    To Do List:

    April 4, 2017 by Belle pullman

    I don't even know where to start.  So start with a list!

    • Character Galleries - captions, more pics
    • Character names from translations in infoboxes
    • Actor pages - infoboxes, headshots, costume shots, biogs
    • Production pages - galleries, tour dates, creative teams
    • Cast lists - esp US Tours

    This is off the top of my head, please add!

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  • Belle pullman

    I recently discovered a neat bit of wiki code, which allows you to collapse tables - and indeed have them collapsed by default and a simple click to expand the information.  Over on the Starlight Express wiki we've used them extensively for song lyrics formatted by tables - it's not an ideal format for lyrics but it's the best we've found so far.

    Over here, I've experimented with the expandable tables on the UK Tour 2016 article - the long lists of tour stops are available at a click, but do not otherwise dominate the information. 

    What do people think about using this code for both tour stops tables, and cast list tables?  Is it immediately apparent how to access the lists of tour stops on the example there?  Does this reduce clutter on an …

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