Something that's always been a priority to me, is respecting the privacy of the performers involved in the show.  But sometimes this is at odds with sharing REALLY COOL STUFF....  So I'm thinking, we need to decide on a policy of what to share here.

For starters, I'm inclined to say anything the official accounts share, is fair game for us to share and use.  What purpose is there in Cats having a Twitter account beyond sharing with fans?

The official site has taken to linking to public twitter and instagrams of SOME cast on their resumes...  looking around, I've often then come across further members of the same cast whose accounts weren't linked officially.  So, I take the official site as indication that those cast members want their accounts shared...  Does that imply that the cast members whose accounts aren't on the site are private?  Or did they just not get their info to the official site?  If someone has a public Twitter account, does that imply they want to be found, and therefore linking their twitter on their page here is appropriate?  Further, is it appropriate to re-use their photos here when relevant?  

What about official, personal websites?  Surely an official website is self-promotion, and therefore linking and using material here is expanding that promotion.  (It's worth considering that wikis show very high in google searches, so each of those 2000+ pages will show up when that actor's name is searched)

Possibly the hardest to tell is Facebook.  I'm absolutely against sharing cast members' personal facebook profiles, but promotional pages would, along the same lines as personal websites, be designed for promotion and sharing, so linking here is in line with the intention.  But there's some cast members who operate two personal accounts, rather than having a promotional page.  And sometimes it's not enormously clear that's what they're doing.  So, do we link to Facebook pages only?  Also, there's several facebook groups where actors have shared many unique images.  A lot of these have floated out into the web.  It's not clear whether the original intent was to share these publicly, when they were first uploaded 6-8 years ago...  Often these are the only chance to see a certain performer in character, but did they intend them to be accessible by fans?  Would the performers in question feel it was an invasion of privacy to see their images shared by fans?  Or was the original intent to share, so seeing the images spread would be a positive thing?

OK, sorry for the ramble.  

So far I've been linking official websites, using images from official websites.  Using images from official Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Linking Twitter and Instagram only where already linked by official sources. Am I getting the line between promotion and privacy right?  Too cautious?  Too invasive?

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