Well!  Beckward has very kindly made me an Admin, as I seem to be spending time hands-on with this wiki at the moment...  I don't want to leap in making major changes, but I do want to use these powers for good!  So far I've just deleted a few duplicate pages, and installed the maps feature, which I've been longing to play with in a Cats context for ages!  I find it fascinating to tag the places mentioned in the poems onto a map of the UK...  We can also use it for mapping productions and tours, the more factual information!

I had a look at the Categories on this wiki, and there's a lot of random categories...  every time something's written in that "category" box, that word or phrase becomes a whole new section!  Really categories need to work like branching trees, they need to function to organise related information, so if you're looking up one page on Original London Cast members, the categories lead you to more Original Cast members.  The way Wikia works is that every page should be in a category...  every category is also a page, so should be in a category...  every photo/video is also a page that should also be in a category!

We're all (everyone reading this) users of this site, so, what would be the most user-friendly way of using categories?  What is going to make browsing, and editing, this wiki easiest?

At the moment, it seems to me that the best system goes something like this - 


  • Characters - Chorus Cats, Song Cats, Queens, Toms (or male and female? Taking the Cat element too far to use Queens and Toms?)
  • Musical Numbers
  • Productions - American, European, Asian, permanent, tour
  • Cast - Original London, Original Broadway, Video, Notable
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Fandom - Ships, Roleplay, Cosplay


  • Templates
  • Stub
  • Deletion

Does that cover all the information we want to include on this site?  I've not covered what to do with categorising photos because I'm really not sure how to go about it best...  Over on the Starlight Express Wiki, I've categorised photos by production and which "set" the characters belong to (advantage of being about toy trains, they all fit in sets!) but I don't know what would be most useful here!

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