So, there's a slightly... awkward situation going on here.  Basically, this wiki was set up a couple years ago, by the original admins, and then it went dormant.  Then, new people including myself, thought it was a great start and picked up the editing and have expanded on what was originally here.  But... we don't have admin access.  There's some things you need an admin to do - delete pages, add new features, and change the basic structure like the headings and the background.  

There's one particular feature I'd love to add, the ability to tag maps.  Not only would it be interesting to pin all the productions worldwide to a world map, I'd also love to go through all the locations mentioned in the poems, add them to a map of London.  

I'm just hoping one of the original Admins stumbles back here, and either revives their love of the musical, or adds one of us active editors to the admin list...  otherwise, in time we're going to need to copy across to a new wiki that we ARE able to admin ourselves! 

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