The thought occurs to me, we've got a few standard links - specifically, the character to gallery links, the long-running productions to cast pages...  having in-line text links are very minimal and might be easily over-looked.  Would it be worth having a graphic button that says something like "Click for full Gallery"?  Not a large or gaudy graphic, but a little more prominent than just text?

Alternatively, is there a simple-ish way to code the text to make it more prominent?

Also, on the character pages, could we link to that character's cast category?  ie. Category:Jellylorum actor - rather than typing up a list of cast, plus linking to the category is dynamic....  And if we do that, should it be part of the infobox (coding headache?) Or another graphic button?

(and am I being dense, or has the edit page changed and made it much harder to upload an image into an article directly?!)