I'm hoping this will work...  just need somewhere to stash the code for a template Cats cast list, we can copy and paste into articles rather than typing up the whole lot every time? Ugh, I'm not sure tho if this is the right place, as I want to be able to get to the edit page, copy the source code... well, we'll see!

Not sure if making this a template would be worth the hassle...

"Amphibolical" seems to be a TS Eliot special word, "Amphibolic" has a medical meaning of "irregular or uncertain outcome", "amphibological" means "of doubtful meaning, ambiguous".  Neither version seems to quite apply to a cast listed alphabetically by character not actor, but the term is used in every Cats cast list....

Cast (in amphibolical order)

Alonzo / Rumpus Cat -
Bill Bailey -
Bombalurina -
Bustopher JonesAsparagusGrowltiger -
Carbucketty -
Cassandra -
Coricopat -
Demeter -  
Electra -
Etcetera -
George / Rumpus Cat -
Alt. Grizabella -
Jellylorum/Griddlebone -  
Jemima -
Jennyanydots -
Macavity / Admetus / Plato / Rumpus Cat -
Mungojerrie -
Munkustrap -
Old Deuteronomy -
Alt. Old Deuteronomy -
Pouncival -
Quaxo / Mistoffelees-
Rumpleteazer -
Rum Tum Tugger - 
Sillabub -
Skimbleshanks -
Tantomile -
Tumblebrutus -
Victor -
Victoria -
Swings -

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