I gave up.  I've been reduced to pen and paper to draw it up!   I've been going through the list of categories and doing some housekeeping...  been going slightly cross-eyes because categories are case sensitive!  REALLY, Wikia?  You think "Site Maintenance" and "Site maintenance" are two different things?!

but my notes look something like this:

CONTENT . (top level)


  • Toms
  • Queens
  • Chorus Cats
  • Song Cats



Musical Numbers

Behind The Scenes

  • Actors/Actresses-
    • Original London Cast
    • Broadway Cast
    • Film Cast


  • Character Images
  • Images


Then, not under "Content" but under "Organization", 

  • Stub
  • Article Stubs
  • Deletion

There's a few things we need to decide - 

Is the 1998 production a Film or a Movie, or a Video?  All three terms seem to be used interchangably, which makes it difficult when you're trying to find a thing and can't remember which term was used!

How are we going to categorise and make searchable the photos on here?  I shouldn't need to browse through 400-however many images to find a specific character...

Format/Templates for specific pages, this was the other thing I was making paper notes for, what headings do we need on each type of page?  For example, a musical number needs information about the number, lyrics, video, and gallery...  a character needs sections on Appearance, personality, role, gallery, relationships, and Cast info. Is that everything tho, too much, not enough?  

Today my brain is all about organising and sorting!

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