I know I probably shouldn't be thinking up a new project when we've barely scratched the surface of the cast database, but...

In my "day job", I'm a costume maker, and it was Cats (and Starlight Express, in equal measure) that inspired me into the vocation.  Mostly I work freelance and make Cats cosplays.  I've acquired quite a lot of knowledge over the years...

The question is, I want to build up a detailed tutorial site, but should it be park of this wiki, or a separate project?

A lot of the tutorials will focus on the authentic costumes, how they're made, and how to replicate the effects, so a lot of photo galleries will draw from images already on this wiki.  The other elements fit under the definition of "Fandom" or Amateur productions, so it's related.  The cons to including it here is that it's on the edges of veering off-topic, and I'm not sure it'd be the first place people would look for costume tutorials.  Also I worry about flooding the wiki with cosplay!

The wiki format is perfect for collecting tutorials, the site is easy to update, different people with different methods can set up their own tutorials and cross-link them, it's just a question of do the tutorials belong as part of this wiki, or a dedicated one?

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